26 March, 2015

Fwd: Down-downs for Run #1095 - Directions to Run #1096

Wassup Wankers!

Saturday's was a movable Hash. That is to say, the circle was moved several times in accordance with the sudden inclement weather -- it was sunny / rainy / sunny / rainy / sunny / more of the same. Amazingly, the hash marks did not wash away and we managed to stay dry almost till the bitter end, when the heavens opened... and then closed again.

We were once again visited by Viking, who is pretty much an H4 regular, and Hanseatic Slut of the Frankfurt Hash who taught us a new song: Germans have no sense of humor (ho ho ho ho ho ho ho)!*

This time it's real. STD is actually moving to Germany, as she has been threatening to do for months. We don't  respond well to threats. We just give in. And so, STD was given a proper F**ck-off, complete with engraved tankard and a beer shampoo. (They say it's good for curly hair!).

*That's not true, it's just  a rumor (ho ho ho ho ho ho ho)!

Down-downs for Run #1095
HARE: Twin Peaks
FRB: Magically Delicious
DFL: Ghaddafi
Visitor: Hanseatic Slut
Relievers: Just Bethany,  Magically Delicious, Hanseatic Slut, Roadkill
Pointer: Viking
Laughing Just a Tad Too Hard: Just Bethany
No Hash Gear: Afterbirth, Just Bethany
Just Because:  Captain Caveman, Dudley Do-Lube,  Double Entry, Hot Box
New Song from Germany!  Hanseatic Slut, STD,Magically Delicious
Misnaming: Just Bethany
F**ck-off, ya mug: STD
Crush the Can: Viking

Hash Weekend!

I don't know anything about it! Ask Captain Caveman! 

Directions to Run #1096
Hare: Magically Delicious
Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm)

Date: Mar 28, 2015
Place: Just Beth and I are setting in/near/ dropping flour all around Apollonia national park this Saturday. Having not scouted this area in person, I'm going to guess that there will be some sort of parking lot at the park entrance where we can meet. That is to say, I'll repost to Facebook with exact coordinates when I get there
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/bvdXe
Lost? Call Magically Delicious at 053 280 5002

Boston Creamed
Hash Scribe

19 March, 2015

Fwd: Down-downs for Run #1094 - Directions to Run #1095

Hallo Wankers!

Double Entry writes, "1094 was a Pizza Hash. What a Turn Out for a Lousy Pizza. But after 5.5 Km of Ramat Hasharon climbs, it tasted bloody good. Some Old Timers complained about the Distance. Well . a reminder, that Hash is primarily about Running and then come all the rest. Seriously, What is this World coming to?? Some Hashers need to work on conditioning. As usual MD's genitals, marked some Road Signs, and did some fancy Baby Cart rides. What the Hell , it was fun , even though it was a Shity Trial.  Love the Mug-Thks TP. Also, Just Brad is one Mean Runner." We also hear reports that Hash Brat Yannai is finally getting used to us Hashers and really couldn't have been any cuter.

Down-downs for Run #1094

HARE:  Double Entry
FRB:    Fart Smella
DFL:    Deliverance (what a difference a week makes)
RETURNEES:    Just Lesly, Just Daniel, Fart Smella, Road Kill, Double Entry, Goldmember, Fecal Flyer & Dudley Do Lube
LATECOMERS:  Puppy Love Machine & Just Rose
HASHY BIRTHDAY: Fart Smella, Road Kill & Just Daniel
MISNAMING:  Deliverance, Magically Delicious & Double Entry
RELIEVING:  Magically Delicious, Twin Peaks, Just Rose & Puppy Love Machine
THEFT:  Goldmember (She "nicked" the shopping cart off the street because someone else would have anyway)*
CHILD ABUSE:  Croc Sucker
PICKING UP SHIT:  Road Kill  (Apparently, picked up a set of drum sticks and provided music for the runners)
FLASH DANCE:  Just Daniel
NO ????? (Sorry I cannot read Deliverance's handwriting**):  Just Lesly, Just Daniel, Road Kill, Puppy Love Machine & Just Rose
WELL DESERVED NEW HASH MUGS:  Double Entry & Fart Smella

*Common British slang for "stolen".  See also: pinched, taxed, half-inched, lifted, knocked off, 'fell off the back of a lorry'.
**Maybe "No Hash gear"?

On March 17th there was a Green Dress Run and it was great, in that it was a shitty trail and everyone had a good time, including visiting Copen-Hasher Viking!

Hash Weekend! Captain Caveman knows what's what.

Directions to Run #1095
Hare: Twin Peaks
Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm)
Date: Mar 21, 2015
Place: Parking lot at the corner of Dubnov and Shaul Hamelech (next to the "London mini-store") https://goo.gl/maps/5bZ7l
Maps: here's a Google Map for ya'll from HaShalom interchange - https://goo.gl/maps/yiG4Q
        Head northwest on Giv'at HaTahmoshet Street
        Continue onto Eliezer Kaplan Street
        Turn right onto Dubnov Street
        Continue on Dubnov until you hit the corner of Sha'ul HaMelech
        You have reached your destination..
Or just tap "Sha'ul HaMelech 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo" into Waze.

Still lost? Call Twin Peaks at 052-8743662

Boston Creamed
Hash Scribe

13 March, 2015

Fwd: Down-downs for Run #1093 - Directions to Run #1094

Er... whassup, Wankers!

Apologies for the delay in getting Hash Trash out. I have no excuse. Everyone was so responsible about getting Down-downs and directions in early that, apparently, I was shocked into inaction.

Here is what happened last week: We convened in Jerusalem, at the parking lot next to the Israel Scouts and were treated to some foaming nectar courtesy of our newbie brewers, Deliverance and Twin Peaks. And when I say foaming, I mean molecular cuisine-worthy suds. Apparently, something went wrong in the bottling process, blah blah blah, whatever. It tasted fine -- especially the wheat foam. We look forward to this week's batch.

We ran, we met at a halfway point, were treated to some cherry vodka, ran some more and got back to the foamy suds.

Down-downs for Run #1093

HARES:    Gaddafi & Hot Box
FRB:    Deliverance
DFL:    Boston Creamed
RETURNEES:    Gonad Father, Just Michael, Poposhnitzel
SHORT CUTTERS:  Gonad Father & Magically Delicious
HASHY BIRTHDAY: Puppy Love Machine, Poposhnitzel & Deliverance
RELIEVING:  Cummunion
FLASHING:  CrocSucker
BACKSTAGE DAD:  Gonad Father
FOAMING BEER:  Twin Peaks & Deliverance

And, the most important event of the Hash: Just Michael is no more and will henceforth be known as THUMBELINA.

March 17 -  It's almost here! Thirsty Knights / Election Day / St. Patrick's Day / Green Dress Run
Hash Weekend! It is still being disorganized by Captain Caveman. Speak to him about the details.

Directions to Run #1094
On-After? Double Entry suggests a nice short & cozy On On picnic (with the sundown) on the grass in the park - with DE shouting [sic] pizza – so the rest to bring a Salad and/or whatever.

Hare: Double Entry
Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm)
Date: March 14, 2015
Place: Netzach St Ramat Hasharon- See Map Here
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/WOcGx

Lost? Seriously? You couldn't even get that right? We've started there like a million times...
Still Lost? Call Double Entry 054-7909034

Again: Double Entry suggests a picnic so bring a Salad and/or whatever.

Boston Creamed
Hash Scribe

05 March, 2015


Happy Purim, Wankers!

It was third times the charm for Magically Delicious who -- aided once again by evil minion Just Brad -- continued her self-proclaimed reign of terror.
Actually, it wasn't too bad although, of course, shitty. We interrupted a deaf acting troupe as they were filming a video, the half-way included some pole shimmying by our hare (photos on Facebook), and we were treated too some a delightful nectar brewed by Deliverance and Twin Peaks.
The working title of this beverage, by the way, is "She-Brew" but all suggestions for a final product name will be gratefully accepted by D and TP.
We ended the Hash with margaritas at Mexical. Ole!

Down-downs for Run #1092
Hares - Magically Delicious, aided by Just Brad
FRB - Captain Caveman
DFL - Boston Creamed
Virgin - Just Rose
Returnees - Ghadafi, Hot Box
False Accusation - Deliverance
Harassing the Handicapped - Just Brad
Sore & Bloated (and forgot her Tel Aviv Marathon bling!) - Just Bethany
Late Cummers - Just Bethany, Cum Union (new spelling), Just Rose, Puppy Love Machine
Total Mommy - Crocsucker
Babynapper - Twin Peaks
Misnaming - Deliverance, Ghadafi, Twin Peaks
Living Life in a Soap Opera - Puppy Love Machine
Finally Got Her Hash Tankard - Crocsucker
Marathon Haring - Magically Delicious, Just Brad
Shrinkage - Cum Union

March 17 - Thirsty Knights / Election Day / St. Patrick's Day /Green Dress Run
Hash Weekend! It is being disorganized as we speak! Contact Captain Caveman for details.

Directions to Run #1093
Ghaddafi writes: Greetings, Hashers: Here's the Hash #1093. Because it will come just after the Walled City Purim celebrations,  this will be both a liver run and a Purim Hash. You may dress or not dress accordingly.
There will be an On-In afterwards at a nearby watering hole.
Costumes are optional but if you are dressing up, come as your Hash name.

Hare: Gadhafi
Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm)
Date: Mar 7, 2015
Place: The small parking lot near the Boy Scouts on Yehoshua Yevin St., Jerusalem
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/mpvm7

Lost? Call Gadhafi on: 054-697-7748 or ask a Boy Scout. They're supposed to do good deeds -- even to Hashers.

Boston Creamed