26 March, 2015

Fwd: Down-downs for Run #1095 - Directions to Run #1096

Wassup Wankers!

Saturday's was a movable Hash. That is to say, the circle was moved several times in accordance with the sudden inclement weather -- it was sunny / rainy / sunny / rainy / sunny / more of the same. Amazingly, the hash marks did not wash away and we managed to stay dry almost till the bitter end, when the heavens opened... and then closed again.

We were once again visited by Viking, who is pretty much an H4 regular, and Hanseatic Slut of the Frankfurt Hash who taught us a new song: Germans have no sense of humor (ho ho ho ho ho ho ho)!*

This time it's real. STD is actually moving to Germany, as she has been threatening to do for months. We don't  respond well to threats. We just give in. And so, STD was given a proper F**ck-off, complete with engraved tankard and a beer shampoo. (They say it's good for curly hair!).

*That's not true, it's just  a rumor (ho ho ho ho ho ho ho)!

Down-downs for Run #1095
HARE: Twin Peaks
FRB: Magically Delicious
DFL: Ghaddafi
Visitor: Hanseatic Slut
Relievers: Just Bethany,  Magically Delicious, Hanseatic Slut, Roadkill
Pointer: Viking
Laughing Just a Tad Too Hard: Just Bethany
No Hash Gear: Afterbirth, Just Bethany
Just Because:  Captain Caveman, Dudley Do-Lube,  Double Entry, Hot Box
New Song from Germany!  Hanseatic Slut, STD,Magically Delicious
Misnaming: Just Bethany
F**ck-off, ya mug: STD
Crush the Can: Viking

Hash Weekend!

I don't know anything about it! Ask Captain Caveman! 

Directions to Run #1096
Hare: Magically Delicious
Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm)

Date: Mar 28, 2015
Place: Just Beth and I are setting in/near/ dropping flour all around Apollonia national park this Saturday. Having not scouted this area in person, I'm going to guess that there will be some sort of parking lot at the park entrance where we can meet. That is to say, I'll repost to Facebook with exact coordinates when I get there
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/bvdXe
Lost? Call Magically Delicious at 053 280 5002

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