05 February, 2015

Fwd: Down-downs for H4 Run #1088 - Directions to Run #1089 - WHITE SHIRT RUN!!!

Hail all wankers near and far! Here is what you missed last week:

It was a nice (shitty) Ramat Gan run and there was a pretty good turnout, especially considering that half our number were pissed on the Alpine piste. From what we can gather and judging from the pictures posted to Facebook, the H4 Hasher contingent over there keeps drunkenly crossing the border from Austria to Switzerland and back again, falling in saunas and -- clearly due to head injuries -- supporting the Seattle Seahawks. Go Patriots!

Down-downs for H4 Run #1088

Hares - Deliverance, Twin Peaks
FRB - Fart Smella
DFL - Boston Creamed
Re-visitor - Running Poo
Just Because - Just Brad
Misnaming - Deliverance, Twin Peaks
Dog Abuse - Boston Creamed/Nili, STD/Teddy
Child Abuse - Crocsucker, Fart Smella, Just Yannai and the newly-born Just Yarden

Correction to last week's Hash Trash
The Thirsty Knights / Election Day / St. Patrick's Day /Green Dress Run is on March 17.
Yes, that is a Thirsty Knights on a Tuesday. Is nothing sacred?

Directions to Run #1089

IMPORTANT! This weeks run is a WHITE SHIRT RUN!!!
  • You must wear a white shirt, preferably one that you don't ever want to see again.
  • You must bring money.
  • You must come hungry.
It will be an A to B run and will be totally worth your while. Trust me.

Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm)
Date: Feb 7, 2015
Place: 37 She'erit Yisrael St, (near Bloomfield Stadium), Jaffa
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/FgVeA

Lost? Call Twin Peaks at 052-8743662

On-on! (and go Pats!)
Boston Creamed