01 January, 2015

Directions to Run #1083 - Down-downs for H4 Run #1082

Hey Wankers -- Captain Caveman reports that, "Run 1082 met in Herzeliya Pituach on a lovely sunny day -- meaning that there was no parking to be found. Like every great Hash, it was measured not in quantity but quality (except when beer)!"

Down-downs for H4 Run #1082
Hare - SOS
FRB - Captain Caveman
DFL - Magically Delicious
Virgin - Just Lucas
All other awards/punishments - Everyone

And now, Directions to Run #1083 -- THE FIRST RUN OF 2015!!!!
Date: Jan 3, 2015
Time: 15:00 (3:00pm)
Place: The parking lot near Norma Jean - 23 Elifelet Street, south Tel Aviv
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/rVT7m
Special Instructions: Bring dry clothes because it's polar plunge time, baby! That's right -- it's not going to be fun, it's not going to be funny, it's going to be dangerous!
More Special Instructions: There will be On-After margaritas at Mescal. Yummm...
Lost? Call Magically Delicious (your Hare) at 053 280 5002 or Captain Caveman (co-Hare) at 052 244 5644

Please note your dates in the Hare Roster (image below)

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