15 November, 2014

Directions to Run #1076

Hello fellow Hashers!

Directions to Run 1075:
Meeting timeSaturday Nov. 15th., 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm. (Is this ugly and eye catching enough?!)

Location: 39 HaMesilla Street in Herzliya. Here

Maps: here's a Google Map for ya'll from TA - Or just tap "HaMesila 39 Herzliya" into Waze.

  1. Head north on Ayalon Hwy/Route 20
  2. Take exit Shiv'at HaKokhavim Interchange-‫מחלף שבעת הכוכבים‬‎ toward Shiv'at Hakohavim Blvd
  3. Keep left at the fork to continue toward Shiv'at Hakohavim Blvd
  4. Turn right onto Shiv'at Hakohavim Blvd
  5. Continue to follow Shderot Shiv'at ha-Kokhavim/Shiv'at Hakohavim Blvd/‫שדרות שבעת הכוכבים‬‎
  6. Turn right onto Derech Moshe Dayan/‫דרך משה דיין‬‎
  7. Go through 1 roundabout
  8. Continue onto HaMinhara/‫המנהרה‬‎
  9. Turn right onto Ha-Mesila St
  10. Continue to follow Ha-Mesila St/‫המסילה‬‎
  11. You have reached your destination...

Notes: There will be an On After.
Please bring meat and salads to share. Some of you have already been assigned food to bring.

And about the not finding the spot and all that shit; If you do get lost, just...

Deliverance @ 050-263-4684
Hash Scribe