19 December, 2014

Fwd: Hash Trash: Directions to Run #1081 - Down-downs for H4 Run #1080

Hello Wankers and Wankettes,

Last Saturday's Hash was a birthday celebration for Captain Caveman, who also served as Hare, Beermeister and probably some other things as well. Given that he'd started celebrating early, the trail was ill-marked or, in a word, shitty.

The trail petered out several times so that we wandered aimlessly through a desolate industrial zone while the Hare assured us that 1. the trail was well-marked and 2. we were idiots. Right before the halfway, Magically Delicious got a ride in a shopping cart and photos were immediately posted to Facebook. (Please "Like").

The halfway point song was -- for the second week in a row -- "Father Abraham". Again: for the second week in a row. Just saying.

In the end, we ran, we sang, we blocked traffic, we yelled at drivers who tried to get around us, there were Down-downs and here they are:

Down-downs for H4 Run #1080
Hare: Captain Caveman
FRB: Fecal Flyer
DFL: Boston Creamed, Cummunion (only did half the trail)
Latecummer: Cummunion Bullshit
Tech whores: Captain Caveman, Fecal Flyer, Roadkill
Non-commando: Magically Delicious
Self-misnaming: Dudley Do-lube
Dog abuse / Child abuse: Boston Creamed, Crocsucker
Pointing: Roadkill
Geezers: Captain Caveman, Bullshit
Reliever: Magically Delicious
No Hash Gear: Bullshit, Roadkill
Hashy Birthday: Captain Caveman
New shoes (and not even running shoes): Roadkill

Directions to Run #1081
Date: Dec. 20, 2014
Time: 15:00 (3:00pm)
Place: Parking lot behind the First Station (the Old Train Station), Jerusalem
Map: http://www.firststation.co.il/en/category/map
Lost? Call Puppy Love Machine at 052 344 7338

Boston Creamed
Hash Scribe

Hash Scribe