28 January, 2015

Fwd: Down-downs for H4 Run #1087 - Directions to Run #1088

Please see revised Hare Roster below. Contact SOS with any changes.

Down-downs for H4 Run #1087
Fluffer has chosen to report on last week's run in the form of haiku:

The run was fun.
Beer stop at half way.
Had an FRB, DFL, golden showers, pointing, returnees, visitors and virgins!
Names aren't important, booze is!

Reserve March 19! There will be a Thirsty Knights St. Patrick's Day / Green Dress Run. It will also be post-Election Day run, so we will most likely be crying into our green beer.

Directions to Run #1088
Time: 5:00, 1500hr, 3pm
Date: Jan. 31, 2015
Place: Top of the Hill near the poet Bialik's bench. Moshe Sharett St., Ramat-Gan.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/J5Oqs

1. Get off at HaHalacha exit, going East, onto Bialik street.
2. Go straight through 3 traffic lights -- at the 4th traffic light turn LEFT onto Jabotinsky.
3. Go straight through 1 traffic light and before you reach the 2nd traffic light turn RIGHT onto Zohar Street (a little side street). Go till the end.
4. Turn LEFT onto Herzl then a QUICK RIGHT onto Moshe Sharett street.
5. Park somewhere near the school (on your right). Your Hare will be waiting.
Lost? Call Twin Peaks at 052-8743662

Hare Roster for Q1 2015
1088 31/01/2015 Twin Peaks
1089 07/02/2015 Deliverance - WHITE SHIRT RUN!!!
1090 14/02/2015 Boston Creamed
1091 21/02/2015 Goldmember
1092 28/02/2015 Fecal Flyer
1093 07/03/2015 Ghaddafi
1094 14/03/2015 Double Entry
1095 21/03/2015 Fart Smella
1096 28/03/2015 Cumunion

Boston Creamed