05 March, 2015


Happy Purim, Wankers!

It was third times the charm for Magically Delicious who -- aided once again by evil minion Just Brad -- continued her self-proclaimed reign of terror.
Actually, it wasn't too bad although, of course, shitty. We interrupted a deaf acting troupe as they were filming a video, the half-way included some pole shimmying by our hare (photos on Facebook), and we were treated too some a delightful nectar brewed by Deliverance and Twin Peaks.
The working title of this beverage, by the way, is "She-Brew" but all suggestions for a final product name will be gratefully accepted by D and TP.
We ended the Hash with margaritas at Mexical. Ole!

Down-downs for Run #1092
Hares - Magically Delicious, aided by Just Brad
FRB - Captain Caveman
DFL - Boston Creamed
Virgin - Just Rose
Returnees - Ghadafi, Hot Box
False Accusation - Deliverance
Harassing the Handicapped - Just Brad
Sore & Bloated (and forgot her Tel Aviv Marathon bling!) - Just Bethany
Late Cummers - Just Bethany, Cum Union (new spelling), Just Rose, Puppy Love Machine
Total Mommy - Crocsucker
Babynapper - Twin Peaks
Misnaming - Deliverance, Ghadafi, Twin Peaks
Living Life in a Soap Opera - Puppy Love Machine
Finally Got Her Hash Tankard - Crocsucker
Marathon Haring - Magically Delicious, Just Brad
Shrinkage - Cum Union

March 17 - Thirsty Knights / Election Day / St. Patrick's Day /Green Dress Run
Hash Weekend! It is being disorganized as we speak! Contact Captain Caveman for details.

Directions to Run #1093
Ghaddafi writes: Greetings, Hashers: Here's the Hash #1093. Because it will come just after the Walled City Purim celebrations,  this will be both a liver run and a Purim Hash. You may dress or not dress accordingly.
There will be an On-In afterwards at a nearby watering hole.
Costumes are optional but if you are dressing up, come as your Hash name.

Hare: Gadhafi
Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm)
Date: Mar 7, 2015
Place: The small parking lot near the Boy Scouts on Yehoshua Yevin St., Jerusalem
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/mpvm7

Lost? Call Gadhafi on: 054-697-7748 or ask a Boy Scout. They're supposed to do good deeds -- even to Hashers.

Boston Creamed

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