26 December, 2017

Holyland Hash weekend May 2018 - rego & info

HHHello Half Minded People!

I hear that some of you never got this email so I am re-sending, this time from a much more active account... 

So far 15 people have paid, so we are extending the rego to March, but we strongly recommend you book your flights to TLV as early as possible - the early you book the cheaper it is.. 

Not registered yet? WTF is wrong with you?? register here,  

Now it's time for you to pay, start practising your Hebrew and invite all your friends to join this unique weekend


We will stay at Sde Boker,  each air conditioned room has an en suite bathroom and a fridge. Each room has 6 beds, responding to Hahsers requests, we have negotiated 2 price levels:    

people room - 222 Euro or 255 USD or 900 ILS per person
people room - 242 Euro or 275 USD or 980 ILS per person


Although the venue is accessible by public transportation we will organise an affordable party bus, cheaper and by far more fun than the public buses.

Payments*: Please pay by March. 31st  

Israelis - Please Pay Captain Caveman or Wet Dreams (and update STD, in case you don't trust them, I know they don't)

Normal people (aka those that find an EU account more convenient)  - Please pay STD by transferring to her German account or cash..

Merav Bat-Gil
IBAN DE18760300800240207474


-  rego is non-refundable but transferable.
-  Please make sure that payment fees are paid on your side.
-  Attending the Facebook event or registering without paying is fun but promises you nothing.