24 February, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1181

Ahoy there, mateys -

Fluffer will set this week's trail. Dry Rub and Deliverance may might an apperance before they fly the coop and there's rumor of a visiting STD. Our regular hash cash collector is out of town so our hare requested that you bring exact change for hash cash. 
Time: 15:00
Address: Habima Square
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/9WfBRVzAfmp
Questions? Comments? Contact Fluffer at 052-8801111

Last week's trail according to Deliverance:
I didn't actually ask her because I was there. Deliverance is preparing for her imminent move and due to projected low numbers in attendance, she decided to not set a trail at all. Instead we met near her apartment, went for a nice, long walk together, and shared a few beers and snacks at her place afterward. In attendance were Deliverance, Puppy Love Machine, Double Entry, Dry Rub, Tipsy Gypsy, and Just Shneur.

On on,