17 February, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1180 - farewell Deliverance


This week's trail will probably be Deliverance's last with us for a while. She's moving to the States in the next few weeks. It's planned to be less of a trail and more of a social. Come help us see her off. 
Time: 15:00
Address: Hashoshanim 2, Herzliya
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/5DxYYkPEKcp

Last week's trail according to Caveman:
"I'll summarize before the Hash. Cross out as desired.
It was a cheerful/gloomy sunny/rainy day when many/few Hashers showed up at A.
There hare set them on their run and they quickly found/lost the trail.
At the half way there was/wasn't beer but everyone/no one sang our bawdy songs in front of crowds of people/trees.
The second half was better/worse than the first half and down-downs were appreciated/hated by all.
Afterwards we all/no one went to celebrate Deliverances Fuck-off at a bar and she paid/didn't even pay the bill."

On on,