19 January, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1176, etc.

Hello, happy hashers -

This week's trail will be set by Double Entry on 21.1. Here's what he has to say about it (edited slightly by yours truly):

Saturday's Hash will start from Ha-Netsakh St. 3, Ramat Hasharon, at 15:00 (3pm).
Lost? Call Double Entry @ 054-790-9034.
A pizza can be ordered, or Deliverance will continue to treat the Hashers with some fabulous cuisine, as in the past.
Try bringing the customary good spirits (I don't think he meant hard liquor, though I expect that wouldn't be a problem).

Last weekend, Dry Rub set a shitty trail and had this to say about it:

January 14th 2017, a spirited hash (#1175) was had by all! The rain held off and despite multiple trail crossings, the extreme trickiness of having no false trails, and a severe lack of holds, all hashers made it back to the starting point in good humor. Special mention to snack momma, Deliverance, for feeding everyone post-hash with the food she is divesting from her cupboard.
FRB: Double Entry
DFL: Captain Caveman
Hare: Dry Rub
Captain Caveman
Cockpit the Third
Double Entry
Double O Panda Facial
Dry Rub
Tipsy Gypsy

Much love.

On on,

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