13 January, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1175 and other updates

Greetings, half-minds -

First, the details about this week's upcoming trail from your hare, Dry Rub:

It is time for a wonderfully shitty Dry Rub trail. In true lazy form, it will start and end close to my place. "A" will be located in Tel Aviv at the plaza where Rothschild Blvd dead ends at Herzl St.

Start Time 3pm. (That is three in the afternoon for those of you on the damn twenty four hour clock.)

Lost? Suffering from severe unexplained bouts of proanoia (look it up)??, contact the hare +972 (0)54-971-6773

Dropped Pin
near Rothschild Blvd 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


In other news, last week's trail was laid by Just Howard and Tipsy Gypsy. I heard it was shitty as usual but that they managed to name Just Howard, now known as Cockpit the Third, and that there were some hash-appropriate shenanigans incorporated into trail such as scavenger hunt-style assignments. Oh, if only I (and most of you) had been a little less lame and able to experience it first hand. Le sigh.

Hope to see you on trail soon.


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