09 February, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1179

Greetings and salumatations,

This week's hare will be Captain Caveman. Trail info:
Saturdays Hash run will start at 3pm from the west end of the Hadar Yosef stadium parking lot in Tel Aviv.

Last week's trail according to Twin Peaks:
It was yet another fantastic (shitty) trail set by the dynamic duo, Deliverance and yours truly.
Deliverance did not lose any Hashers on this trail.
Sex Ed drove to the starting point which was less than a kilometer from her apartment and still managed to get lost. Only to find out that the halfway point was at her apartment.
Dry Rub received his F**K Off mug.
Caveman finally showed up after a two week hiatus with the beer. 

Someone will need to take the beer after this week's hash as Caveman and TP will be hitting the slopes in Lake Tahoe.

On on,