26 January, 2017

Hashing is fun.

Hola senoritas,

This week's hare is Double O Panda Facial. Trail info:

Hash will be on Sat. the 28th at 3:00pm meeting in the parking lot in front of the Sarona Market.

Map to Sarona Market at https://goo.gl/maps/jzVJxtimUZ62.

Last week's hare was Double Entry, here's what we said about his trail:

"A pack of 5 set out to Walk a(n allegedly)(-PLM) well set Running Trail, Not enough to run it ("Sounds, like bullshit, to me, to me." - PL). 

Deliverance realized after 300m that Max the Dog was left behind at the starting point and all had to wait for Dog recovery. (Amazing that she found her way back to the pack. -PL) 

The Halt way was not reached (because there was no beer there)(-PL) as the (sober)(- PL) five - Cockpit the 3rd, Twin Peaks,Tipsy Gypsy, Deliverance and Double Entry, shortcutted back to the starting point for Down Downs. 

No special mention as all were hungry and set out to look for a Pizza (That's the new slang for getting laid. -PL), not before Cockpit the 3rd decided to give the car (she doesn't like being called that)(PL) a wash with a (his)(PL) Fire Hose. Most Illegal (but perhaps not for long if politicians are doing it. -PL). 

No Pizza opened at this time in the Area (but at least there was beer)(PL), so all went home very disgruntled (and none the smarter. -PL)"

Be well.

On on,

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