07 April, 2017

Holyland trail #1185


I've been busy, blah blah, my 5 year old, Scooby Snack, just woke up.

This weekend (read: tomorrow) we're having hare transplants from Frankfurt H3's mismanagement, in the form of STD and Swans. Such a hash promises to include beer and some entertaining hymnals at minimum.
Time: Saturday, April 8th, 16:00
Place: Kochav Yair, behind the Paz petrol station. Drive to Kochav Yair, pass security gate, at the round about return towards the exit. Enter Paz petroleum station. Go to the parking. Not near Aroma but behind the shops (aim left, I'm sure you can). There's a big parking lot. Or even better, ask Waze for Aroma Kochav Yair.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/uvX4smUeBHN2
Contact: Lost? Confused? Sober? Call STD at 0544682008. Only SMS. NO WHATSAPP.

On on,