31 March, 2011

Hash Trash Run 887, Directions to Run 889

Hello fellow hashers!
Well, the Scribe can't really testify of any laughs or memorable events happening prior to the Hash starting, cos he was too busy Late Cumming. But hey - once we got there, it was awesome!
Our Hares described what's going to be a "typical Deliverance/Twin Peaks Hash". What does that mean, you ask? Let's analyze.
We starting running at Ramat Aviv, and quickly made our way into some shiggy. Twin Peaks informed us of "mud pool" #1, and we all waited anxiously to arrive at #2, where we were supposed to bathe. No suck luck. Next, we had a wonderfully choriographed Swing Low at the halfway, unfortunately no passers-by were there to observe or participate. Who says we can't have some alone-time, just us Hashers?
Halfway took too long, though, mostly because we had to wait for sluggish Capt. Caveman, who was immediately accused of focusing too much on irrelevant events such as his daughter-in-law giving birth, than to the trail at hand. (Mazal Tov!)
Hashers continued running, past some main streets and stop lights, through small parks of North Tel Aviv. At one Hold, first Hashers to arrive were tempted to drink from a public water-tap, only to find some Chlorine after-taste, an odd fact seeing as this tap was 2m away from an artificial fountain. Hmmm.... And if that wasn't health-hazard enough for you - Beer Shlep decided to further contribute by relieving himself (in a very brave and public maner, the Scribe might add). Daddy Grave Robber was keen on helping him out with this task.
After some more running, shiggying, bridge-crossing etc., Hashers arrived at the circle. In a tremendous display of comradery (completely inappropriate for a Hash), 3 Hashers celebrated FRB together, and the circle ended with the fine note of 2 Hashers drinking out of their sweaty shoes. Way to go!

Down-Downs Run 887:
Hares: Deliverance, Twin Peaks
FRBs: Capt. Caveman, Stiff Meat, Fluffer
DFL: AmboHo
Returnees: AmboHo
Virgins: Just Andre, Just Cornelia
Misnaming: Deliverance, Twin Peaks, Goldmember, Crock Sucker
Marathoner: Just Andre
1/2 Marathoners: Black Magic, Crock Sucker
10K: Goldmember, Just Cornelia
No Hash Gear: Black Magic (man, this is gettin' old...)
Late Cummers: Fart Smella, Crock Sucker
25 Runs: Stiff Meat
50 Runs: AmboHo
Reliever and Assistant: Beer Shlep and Grave Robber
New Shoes: Fluffer, AmboHo

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 889:
Meeting time: Saturday April 2nd, 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.
Location: The Hash will begin in Ein Karem, Jerusalem.
  • Cumming from Tel Aviv, traveling on Route #1, get off at Har'el interchange and turn right. Keep straight until Har Eitan roundabout, turn left and continue to Kerem roundabout. Turn left and...
  • Cumming from South, take Route #35 heading North. Turn right at HaEla junction, then left at Tsur Hadassa junction, to Route #386. keep straight until arriving at Kerem roundabout, keep straight and...
... follow Ein Kerem street to the big U-turn toward left, don't follow the turn! Keep straight on Derech Karmit street, and take the next left to HaDafna street. Find a park in street, your hare will be waiting.

Google Map: Click here
Lost? It's the HOLY Hash, isn't it? Pray, and G-d will lead you through. Amen. (or call Fart Smella 0544-888-165)

Ride requests:

Other messages:
1. RED DRESS RUN has been moved to April 23rd - get ready!
2. Daylight Savings start-time: next week (Apr 9th), the Hash will begin at 16:00 (1600hr, 4pm), so synchronize your watches...

Hare roster - are you there?!
#890 Apr 9 - AmboHo
#891 Apr 16 - Double Entry
#888 Apr 23 - Crock Sucker - RED DRESS RUN
#892 Apr 30 - Itch My Rail (in Ashdod, On-On after)
#893 May 7 - Spit or Swallow
#894 May 14 - Twin Peaks
#895 May 21 - Capt. Caveman
#896 May 28 - Boston Creamed
#897 Jun 4 - Goldmember
#898 Jun 11 - Betty Cocker
#899 Jun 18 - Floater
#900 Jun 25 - Fluffer
#901 Jul 2 - Stiff Meat
#902 Jul 9 - The Gonadfather
#903 Jul 16 - Quickie
#904 Jul 23 - AmboHo
#905 Jul 30 - Grave Robber

26 March, 2011

World HHH Interhash - info for Hashers interested

You can register now by email, pay later, so we can get a count (remember the cutoff is May 31st for the $69.95.  Just fill out the form below and email it to straydog@worldhhh.com.

World Hash House Harriers Membership Interhash
26 - 28 August 2011
Jiangmen, China

Family Name:
Given Name:
Hash Name:
Resident Hash:
T-Shirt Size:
Mailing Address (include city/state/country):
Email Address:

I understand that running with the Hash House Harriers is a dangerous activity and I accept full responsibility for any injury I may incur during the event and hold no one associated with this event responsible in any way. I waive any and all legal actions against this event, its sponsor and host members for any reason.  In otherwords, I can get hurt if I want to and if I do it is my own fault.

Type Your full name:
Bring signed copy or sign one at the event: _________________________________________________

*  The next World Hash House Harriers Membership Interhash, previously
called the Global Trash Hash - an annual event that has occurred for readers
of Global Trash Magazine and the members of worldhhh.com and
worldhashspace.com since 1995 - will be held in Jiangmen, China from August
26 - 28, 2011.  We invite you to join other members for a friendly,
non-political, non-host country sponsored, non-commercial, and totally
non-profit for anyone (over or under the table) event held for the first
time in China.  Where can you get a worldwide hash invitation event that
starts at $69.95?  This is one of those events Stray Dog rates as a 'Best
Bang for your Beer Buck' interhash that you simply do not want to miss out

It is also a prelude to the China Nash Hash in Beijing the next weekend.
You can fly to Guangzhou, take the fast train down to Jiangmen (only 40
minutes) and hang with us on the weekend before Beijing, then hit a plane or
train up to Beijing for the Nash Hash for the next weekend.  Make it a nice
vacation and tour some very beautiful spots few tourists ever see.  Jiangmen
is a very beautiful city in the Pearl River delta and I have enjoyed my time
here so much I wanted to share this great location with other hashers around
the world.  The cohosts are Jiangmen Hash House Harriers and the Global
Trash Hash.

This is the first time the GT Hash/World HHH Membership Interhash has been
held in Asia, so don't miss your chance to make one by registering today.
Just send US$69.95 to the Global Trash PayPal account, email address:
straydog@worldhhh.com by the end of May.  Afterwards, the fee jumps about
$10 a month thereafter to a maximum of US$99.95.  Registration closes on 15
August.  You will get three meals a day (including banquets in plush
surroundings), unlimited beer, great scenic trails, entertainment and more
for a very good price.

*  I have still not gotten any feedback from the hashers in Japan.  If
anyone has anything, please send it.  If any hashers in Japan are in a fix,
please let us know so I can put out the word and see if we can muster
support.  Thanks.

There is a general, minor panic here in China about the Japan situation.
There was a run on salt and other items from the sea because someone spouted
off that the ocean may become contaminated with radiation.  The whole thing
is ridiculous this far away from Japan, but hey, people do panic easily,
regardless of where you are in the world.  One comment from Little Pig was
that the Japanese seem to be handling their crisis better than we are here
in China - overreacting like that.

*  There is or was a hash in Libya, does anyone know what's up there?  Did
they get out?  I remember someone corresponding with me a long while back
about things going well there, but I suspect the Ex-Pat's have long left.
Any word would be appreciated.

*  Thanks for all those who supported the recent drive to update the
directory.  The new directory is in print and will be shipped out soon.
Sorry it took so long, but it is the best, most comprehensive and largest
directory ever created and that takes time.  You can get your copy by going
to the marketplace at worldhhh.com and ordering one.

Hope to see many of you members at the next World HHH Membership Interhash
here in Jiangmen, but regardless, thanks for your continued support of GT
and our efforts to keep hardcopy directorys coming out quarterly (abridged)
and annually (complete) and magazines coming out monthly, as well as keeping
the hash world up to date with our on-line directory and other information
and entertainment services at worldhhh.com and worldhashspace.com.  Your
submissions of directory information, calendar information, subscriptions to
the membership/magazine, donations and book purchases make this all

On On
Stray Dog

Hash Scribe

25 March, 2011

Hash Trash Run 886, Directions to Run 887

Down-Downs Run 886:
Hare: Grave Robber
FRB: Double Entry
Virgins: Blow Jack, Pick a Box, Just Dagma
Returnees: S.O.S, Twin Peaks, Fluffer, Just Jamilla
No Hash Gear: Black Magic, Blow Jack
Texting While Hashing: Twin Peaks
Naming: Shep is now BeerShlep, Chiara is now Pink Leopard, Winter is now Kit Cat !

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 887:
Meeting time: Saturday Mar 26th, 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.
Location: The Hash will begin in Ramat Aviv.
  1. From Highway #2, get off at KKL (Keren Kayemet Lisrael) interchange: heading North - turn right, heading South, turn left.
  2. Make a left on Recanti Street.
  3. Continue straight to rotary with a big blue sculpture in the middle.
  4. Take a left at rotery onto Abba AhimeirYou are now near Shushter shopping center.
  5. At the next rotary make a right onto Eliyahu Hakim St. The parking lot is on your left side.
Google Map: Click here
Lost? Call Deliverance 054-300-50-92

Ride requests:

Other messages:
New Hare roster is here! Check your placement and get your trails ready - it's a new season of Hashing!
Get ready for run #888 - RED DRESS RUN! All Hashers should put on their bestest frocks for the occasion.

Hare roster - are you there?!
#888 Apr 2 - Fart Smella - RED DRESS RUN
#889 Apr 9 - Double Entry
#890 Apr 16 - AmboHo
#891 Apr 23 - Crock Sucker
#892 Apr 30 - Itch My Rail (in Ashdod, On-On after)
#893 May 7 - Spit or Swallow
#894 May 14 - Twin Peaks
#895 May 21 - Capt. Caveman
#896 May 28 - Boston Creamed
#897 Jun 4 - Goldmember
#898 Jun 11 - Betty Cocker
#899 Jun 18 - Floater
#900 Jun 25 - Fluffer
#901 Jul 2 - Stiff Meat
#902 Jul 9 - The Gonadfather
#903 Jul 16 - Quickie
#904 Jul 23 - AmboHo
#905 Jul 30 - Grave Robber

17 March, 2011

Hash Trash Run 885, Directions to Run 886

Hello fellow hashers!
It's been a long time since Hashers knew the hardships of a Quickie-Hash. But there he was, our Hare all pimp'd up in his custom chopper-style bicycle, ready to show us how it's done.
Hashers set on trail from HaSharon Beach in Herzliya. Looking for the first few blobs, it became apparent that this is gonna be a tough one. Quickie, as it seemed, decided to try and achieve the unimaginable - setting a Hash without actually using flour. Hashers scouted for blobs which were roughly 200m apart, no Holds were to be found (Quickie spared the central blob and made all of them into checks), and a halfway - c'mon, that's just a huge waste of the white stuff, right? - was nowhere to be found.
The trail took us through some shiggy, in the sands of Herzliya, where the trail literally vanished and Hasher Stiff Meat, in outstanding leadership and initiative, figured we can start following Quickie's pimp-bike tire-tracks in the sand...
In the midst of this sunny and confusing Hash, Quickie created yet another obstacle - a 7m high (no joke) pile of sand/junk heap was to be climbed. Let me tell you, standing on top and looking back, not sure if some Hash-comrades are going to make it out of there alive was a scary moment.
After some more checks/holds, bends and turns, blobs set in the middle of the street and a few 500m dashes, the pack made it back to the circle for the down-downs. Only then did we notice Black Magic taking his Hash gear out of his car and wearing it... defendant claims he didn't want to sweat all over it. Isn't that what they're for??
Drinking commenced, through socks, shoes (Deliverance) and plastic cups (the rest), and finally the Hashers went home.

Down-Downs Run 885:
Hare: Quickie
FRB: Fart Smella
DFL: Capt. Caveman
SCBs: Crock Sucker, Goldmember, Capt. Caveman
Returnees: Quickie, Fart Smella
Anal Probe: Quickie
Proctologist: Goldmember
Misnaming: Deliverance, Goldmember
Reliever: Crock Sucker
No Halfway, No song, No Flour?! Quickie
Yes Hash Gear, Not Running With It: Black Magic
New Shoes: Deliverance

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 886 - this is a St. Patrick's / Purim Hash!
Location: Hash will begin at Dublin's Bar in Herzliya-Petuach.
  1. Heading North or South on Hwy-2 (Haifa Hwy), get off at HaSira interchange (on Sderot Abba Eban) West toward Herzliya-Petuach;
  2. 1st left (South) on HaSadnaot;
  3. 2nd left (East) on Hahoshlim to T-junction (Arieh Shenkar), then left (North) to Dublin's (on left/West side of road).
Parking sux (it's Israel), so fend for yourself upon arrival.
Google Map: Click here
Other instruction for the occasion:
  1. Wear something green for St. Patrick's / costume for Purim.
  2. Carry some beer NIS.
  3. Run w/ favorite, durable drink vessel.
Lost? Well, If you get lost finding a bar, you don't deserve to cum anyway. Grave Robber 052-601-2240

Ride requests:

Other messages:
New Hare roster is here!
Check your placement and get your trails ready - it's a new season of Hashing!

Hare roster - are you there?!
#887 Mar 26 - Deliverance

#888 Apr 2 - Fart Smella
#889 Apr 9 - Double Entry
#890 Apr 16 - AmboHo
#891 Apr 23 - Crock Sucker
#892 Apr 30 - Itch My Rail
#893 May 7 - Spit or Swallow
#894 May 14 - Twin Peaks
#895 May 21 - Capt. Caveman
#896 May 28 - Boston Creamed
#897 Jun 4 - Goldmember
#898 Jun 11 - Betty Cocker
#899 Jun 18 - Floater
#900 Jun 25 - Fluffer
#901 Jul 2 - Stiff Meat
#902 Jul 9 - The Gonadfather
#903 Jul 16 - Quickie
#904 Jul 23 - AmboHo
#905 Jul 30 - Grave Robber