26 March, 2010

Hash Trash Run 835, Directions to Run 836

Hash Trash - Fashion Edition

Here comes the bride, ravishing in a floor length wedding gown, veil, and the super dirty sneakers! And what a beautiful wedding party.  So beautiful, we collected a crowd of 20 people (paparazzi?) to watch us start the hash.  One man was particularly disturbed about what we were doing, but we assured him that we were going to make an honest woman out of OnOne TastyKakes as soon as the Rabbi showed up.

Caveman was a dashing ring bearer, holding his cushion out inf front of him with dignity and poise.  Longhorny had more problems as a waiter, breaking one of the champagne glasses before the first hold!!!  Nice tie though.  Fluffer, Floater, Twin Peaks and Semen were bee-yu-tee-ful bridesmaids in an amalgamation of spandex running gear and  black evening dresses.

The Strippers, oh the strippers.  Quickie dazzled in a barely there neon sports number, we aren't sure what was under that shirt and were a little scared to check. Pig Woman sported a military ensemble, "hello ladies, did you order some peacekeeping?"

The hashers ran around Tel Aviv, stopping traffic, startling children, emotionally scarring passersby on countless public parks and roads.  That's what hashing is for.

Down Downs

Hares: OnOne (TastyKakes), Amboho
FRB: Twin Peaks
DFL: Grave Robber
Persistent Character: Captain Caveman
Best Stripper: Quickie
Prettiest Bridesmaid: Fluffer
Super Hashers (Running with two or more kids in a stroller): Grave Robber, Leah
Virgins: Dror, Michal, Leah
Returnees: Crocsucker, Grave Robber
Racist: Pig Woman (with new shoes too)

Directions to Run 836 - 3:00 on Saturday

We are meeting at the Ramat Hasharon Country Club on HaBanim Street. (Originally called Snir)
If coming from Tel-Aviv or Herzalia, take the Ramat Hashron exit off of route 5 to Sokolow st. . At the first light turn left on to Sherf St. take the 2nd Right to Snir Street. It turns into Habanim St. Around 500 meters on the left is the country club parking lot. You will find your hare there.
Lost - tough. Call 054-440-6313

Hare Roster - No, really, your mom called, she wants you to sign up to set the hash

To sign up, reply to this e-mail.

3 Apr Deliverance

10 Apr Twin Peaks
17 Apr Captain Caveman
24 Apr ???
1 May  ???
8 May Pig Woman
15 May
29 May

Hash Scribe

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