18 March, 2010

Hash Trash Run 834, Directions to Run 835

Run 834

The sun spread it's gentle rays over green and bucolic fields.  The hashers turned their faces skyward bathed in its gentle soothing heat.  Everywhere we ran our way was paved with flowers, their soft perfume masking the inevitable sweat and ensuing body odor caused by the aforementioned sun.

All was at peace.  Even Quickie's killer dog felt at one with all the little woodland creatures (read: stray dogs).  even a halfhearded tuneless rendering of Mother Habraham at the half couldn't mar the joyous harmony of Run 834. 

Then as the hashers ran through the fields and orchards and lanes, they came to a train crossing.  Looking both ways before they crossed they began, with sensible caution, to pass this field of danger.  WHAT IS THIS!!!! a hold mark.  in the middle of a railroad.  Well trained pack that they were, the hashers held, worrying, fearing, seeing the black beast in the distance.  Would they escape the railroad track in time?  Would Just Gene's dog be able to bring help before the Hashers met their railroady doom?????

ok ok, so it wasn't a train it was a hand cart, and it was breaking shabbat by squeaking along, and ok it wasn't actually headed toward the hold on the train track.  But it was touch and go for a minute.  Quickie just wanted to bring a hint of danger into the run, well played Hare, well played.

Down Downs

The scribe forgot to take the list, bad scribe, bad scribe.

Someone came in first
Someone came in last
Lots of people drank

Directions to Run 835 - Runaway Bride

This is OnOne (TastyKakes)'s last run as a single lady!!!!  I will be running in all my wedding finery.  You can join me as a bridesmaid or a stripper: your choice, your interpretation.  There will be an On On afterward in Apartment 1604, bring something to share.  

The circle will be in the parking lot next to Opera Tower, the building is on Allenby and HaYarkon.  For the circle and for some parking selections, click here

Lost?  Good luck pulling the bride away from the wedding planning - 050.726.8065

Hare Roster - your mom wants you to sign up to set the hash!

27 Mar Windbreaker

3 Apr Deliverance

10 Apr Twin Peaks
17 Apr Captain Caveman
24 Apr ???
1 May  ???
8 May Pig Woman
15 May
29 May

Hash Scribe

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