04 March, 2010

Hash Trash Run 832, Directions to Run 833

Hash Trash - downsized for your inner child!

Run 832 was nice, cold and fun. We ran through the streets of Jerusalem, after a live hare. The hare dressed as a mouse.  We drank beer.  The end.

Down Downs

FRB: Caveman
DFL: Twin Peaks
Virgin Who Sits on the Hash: "itch my rail".
not putting any creativity in his notes: caveman (me me me me me)
no hash gear: Crocsucker.

Directions to Run 833

The meeting point is at the Sonol gas station parking, in Rishon Le Zion at the intersection of "Moshe Dayan" st. and Sapir St .

Coming from Ayalon (no. 20) south, just after the HOLON cemetery, take the Rishon-Le-Zion exit. The exit splits into several exits – take the most right exit, going to the beach. This is Moshe Dayan st, Keep driving until you see the gas station to your right, and turn right to Sapir st. into the gas station. We meet at the parking lot of the restaurant which is just after the gas station.

Coming from road no. 4 (going south), turn right in the Rishon-Le-Zion exit into Moshe Dayan St. Drive west a few Ks until you see the Sonol gas station to your right.


Lost? Call BlingDong 0524238867

Or White Pointers 0506444759

Hare Roster - If you don't volunteer the hash will end and everyone will be sad :(

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