25 February, 2010

Hash Trash Run 831, Directions to Run 832

The few and far between.

While Run 831 was sparsely attended, those who came  found it well worth their while.  The hare (and helper) set through a carefully vetted selection of the cutest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.  And as for the flour!  oh the flour, the hare used precisely 1.17 bags of flour per hashers! And oh the markings, each one a stately blob in the grace and proportions of a Parthenon, as admirable as the perfect lines of a Michelangelo (except the ones that OnOne TastyKakes did, which resembled an awkward Jasper Johns wannabe more so than anything else).

The Hares even faithfully checked out all the false trails with Double Entry (ok, so maybe they forgot which way they laid the trail, but it was so beautifully marked that no one ever got lost).  In a spirit of solidarity, the three hashers set foot in the final circle simultaneously, making this perhaps the only hash where everyone was an FRB  (does this mean all three of us need to wear the cowbell?).

Down Downs

Hares: AmboHo, OnOne TastyKakes
Came to the Hash: Double Entry
FRB: AmboHo, OnOne TastyKakes, Double Entry.

Directions to Run 832

here's a link to this saturday's hash:

it's pretty straight forward:
once you're in the city, drive under the big bridge and take a right (Herzel st.), then the first left on the bridge over the highway, the right and left again. that's it. it's next to the Givat Ram university, near the stadium.

since it's a day before Purim, please bring a semi/partial costume.
Hare Roster - If you don't volunteer the hash will end and everyone will be sad :(

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