24 December, 2009

Hash Trash Run 821, Directions to Run 822

Run 821 - the run of the Blob.

A select group of hashers ran run 821, heartened by the promise that three bags of flour had been used to mark the trail.  While at least one bag was devoted to the world's largest hash mark (On One!!!), indeed it was a well marked trail.  RA Border Bitch searched in vain for someone to provide trail criticism at the down down, hark!  What is this we hear?  Resounding praise?  The trail was a perfect length, there was shiggy, there was side walk, we sang something in Hebrew, there were parks, there were highways - it was a Hanukkah Hashing Miracle.  Just Susan got her name, you can call her - TwoBeerQueer (but we are working her up to 3 down downs a hash).

Alas, this was goodbye for FattyTatty, Cuba's loss is our gain, or is it the other way around?  Either way, we'll miss you, so piss off!!  Thanks, White Pointers for the On On send off!

OnOne (TastyKakes) would like to apologize for losing the list of down downs, so the following is from memory/I am making it up.  (Give me a break, it's my birthday and I was slightly drunk that hash)

Down Downs

Hares: White Pointers, BlingDong, Squishy
FRB: Twin Peaks
Pee Glee: Caveman, OnOne (TastyKakes)
Au Revoir: FattyTatty
Returnees: White Pointers, Squishy
MisNaming: Border Bitch
Walking????: Fluffer
Naming: TwoBeerQueer

Directions to Run 822

The starting point will be next to the Colosseum club at Kikar Atarim at the end of Ben Gurion Blvd. in Tel Aviv.
Map is attached.

Lost? Call Boston Creamed - 054 215 2653

Hare Roster

Croc Sucker
9-Jan Fluffer
16-Jan Goldmember
23-Jan Fart Smella
30-Jan Porn Queen
13-Feb GraveRobber
20-Feb AmboHo
27-Feb Semen
6-Mar BlingDong

Hash Scribe

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