10 December, 2009

Hash Trash Run 819, Directions to Run 820

Oh What a hash!!!

Having spent a lot of wasted, un-beerful time running around the desert weeing away the wee hours of the morning (keep it on the right side of the road please), all but a very few hashers opted for the walking option.  Border Bitch and Caveman got the drinking started early.  The runners debated long and hard at the first hold whether Pig Woman was running (and lost) or walking then gave up and followed the trail without her.  Fortunately, she was walking, keeping the no hasher left behind policy intact.  Susan and Ouzogasm said, what's a half without a few meters of beer?  and we drank, and drank, and drank and then ran some more.

Ouzogasm's final circle was a paragon of roundness, full of deep and hidden meanings, revealing the secret depths of pi to all who entered.  Those secrets will be kept between OnOne TastyKakes (perhaps the only hasher to find it) and Ouzogasm, who loved the circle so much she spend 20 minutes there by herself hoping the other hashers would get their drunk selves in gear and hike out to the pier to find it.  Sorry, Ouzogasm, but at least you got an extra beer out of the deal!

Down Downs

Hares: Susan, Ouzogasm
FRB: OnOne TastyKakes
DFL: Fluffer
Desert Running: Deliverance, Twin Peaks, Border Bitch, Caveman, Flutter, Deliverance,
1/2 / 1/2: Gene
50 Runs: Fatty Tatty
150 Runs: Deliverance
Virgins: Shakes Beer
Returnees: Still Coming, GraveRobber (& Hash Brats), Blingdong, White , Susan, Ouzogasm
Gettin' Hitched: OnOne TastyKakes
All by Myself: Ouzogasm
Sneakin' off: LongHorny
Wiing: Desperate Housewife

Directions to Run 820 and the ON ON afterwards

Hares: Floater and Fluffer

The Run will begin at Gene's place 11 Givat Hatachmoshet #6, Herzliya.

Gene is hosting an ON ON after the hash.


Lost?  You can call the Hash Scribe, but I'm probably lost too, so check the map carefully!



19-Dec White Pointers
26-Dec Boston Creamed
2-Jan Croc Sucker
9-Jan Fluffer
16-Jan Goldmember
23-Jan Fart Smella
30-Jan AIDS
13-Feb Quickie
20-Feb AmboHo
27-Feb Semen
6-Mar BlingDong

Hash Scribe

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