12 November, 2009

HASH TRASH 814, Directions 815

We rendezvous'd at a random corner in South Tel Aviv, but a different random corner than we'd planned due to construction. Tongues wagged as we trotted down the street (fully dressed this time, but just as sexy), and there was general chatter and the ever present talk of sports bras and running gels. A record number of hash hounds joined us on the trail, eating the flour and licking the salty nasty hasher bodies. The halfway had us sing Father Abraham, where if not for the melodious voices of Twin Peaks and Border Bitch the group would have forgotten the final verse. Dammit, people! Yet again the hashers missed a turn and ran into outer space, sheep following the one in front of them until they'd taken a 3 block detour (EDITORS NOTE: We did yell "R You" and some dumbass screamed "On On" continuing the farce in the wrong direction).  We circled up at the end of the run in a different spot than where we started and were nearly mowed down during the downdowns... no word from the driver, only a revving of the underpowered engine and a nasty look. I love Israel. Before scattering, Just Maria lost her name and while there were some good options, she will forever be known to us as Ouzogasm.


FRB: Caveman

DFL: Ambo Ho
Golden Shower: Desperate Housewife
Returnees: R2D2, C3PO and Rocket
Double Trouble Misnaming: Fatty Tatty and Wet Pussy
I don't care that you're a Dallas fan, where the hell is your hash kit?!: Pig Woman and Long Horny
Hash Booty Pants: Ryia
Virgins: Sarah, Phil and Gene
Cell Phone Induced Brain Tumors: Twin Peaks and Pig Woman
Late cummer: AIDS
Lost? Check for flour: Pig Woman, Fluffer and Caveman
Naming: Ouzogasm

Directions for Hash 815- New and Improved With Texas Chili On On!

Hare: Longhorny
Where: Address:  21 Arnon Street, apartment 6.  Questions?  Long Horny 054.534.9677 - Saturday at Three (3, 1500, Tres, Shalosh)

On-On after the run at Longhorny's apartment- bring salads, veggies and sundry delicious items.

Directions from all points:

Take Rt 20/Ayalon (or Nimr Street) South toward Tel Aviv.  Exit at Rokah West.  At the Port, Rokah turns left and becomes Hayarkon St.  Continue South on Hayarkon until just after it dips under the Marina Hotel.  As you exit the short tunnel, go to the left turn lane before the Sheraton Hotel.  Make a U-Turn from that lane back onto Hayarkon heading North.  Make an immediate right onto Gordon St.  

Go one block east on Gordon to the first light, turn Left on to Ben Yehuda Street.  Turn left just after Bank Hapolim on Yeshurun Street, which takes you into our square block.  Go left at the end of Yeshurun (onto Ruppin) and then two short rights (Hakerem and then Arnon).  

Parking is very limited on Arnon, but there is street parking in the neighborhood.  Paid parking is available in a garage nearby on Mapu Street and at the Marina/Carlton hotel.  Best to arrive early or carpool.

If you are planning on joining us JUST SATURDAY NIGHT for the RUN AND DINNER please let Twin Peaks maureenkarassik@yahoo.com know ASAP! If you're staying over, check your email, more info just came in.

21-Nov Ryia
28-Nov Boston Creamed
5-Dec Floater
12-Dec Pig Woman
19-Dec White Pointers
26-Dec Captain Caveman
2-Jan Croc Sucker
9-Jan Fluffer
16-Jan Goldmember
23-Jan Deliverance
30-Jan AIDS
13-Feb Quickie
20-Feb AmboHo
27-Feb Semen
6-Mar BlingDong 
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