08 October, 2009

Hash Trash Run 809, Directions to 810!

The hare chose a location no one had ever been to before: The scary, terrifying (or not.) Bat Yam. Most of the hashers made it to the circle on time, two were tardy and two hashers failed the geography quiz: Is Bat Yam north or south of Tel Aviv? (for answer, scroll down, down, down) Off the hash ran at about 1535, or 35 minutes late. We crossed streets! Dodged children on bicycles, ran UP and DOWN hills, steps, dodged tour groups in Jaffa and slip-slided down some ancient steps to the port area. Poor Tal was nearly mowed down by a car and multiple careening kiddies. He also batted about 1 for 9 when checking it out. That guy had to have run 8 or 9k on this trail… At the halfway we sang More Beer, of which there was plenty. Everyone regretted More Beer when faced with the flights of steps they needed to scale to get back. One check appeared to have two answers, both of which involved running up a hill. On we went, at the final hold the ladies took off… and then we had beer, were harassed by a crazy old man who was shouting out names of American presidents who was silenced with such obscurities as Harrison and Wilson and an old woman spied on our circle from her window across the street. Don't think we didn't see you, granny.

Down Downs

Hare: Desperate Housewife
FRB: Border Bitch

DFL: AmboHo

DFLate: Deliverance & Twin Peaks
ReallyReallyDFLate (aka Magellan and Degama): Fatty Tatty & Pig Woman
NonSCBs (or Honest Abes)
: Pig Woman, Dyke.Cum, Tal

Beer Beeyotch: Caveman

Half 'n' Half: Twin Peaks

GET OFF YOUR BUTTS! Caveman, Your Honor, Fatty Tatty, Deliverance

Yes, you have a cleaning lady, but no it's still your fault you're wearing NEW SHOES (again.): AmboHo

Directions to Run 810 STARTING AT THREE PM (1500, Shalosh Ba'Tsoriym, Tres, 3:00):

Hare: Twin Peaks

Time: 3pm
Date: 10 October
Location: Givatayim
Directions: Ayalon South to the HaShalom Exit at the light (Azrielle Center on right and the train station on left) TURN LEFT on to HaShalom Street. Straight through 10 traffic lights. Just pass the Paz Gas Station on the left at the ELEVENTH traffic light TURN LEFT on to KOURAZIN STREET. Parking lot up 200 meters on left.

From Route 4. Exit at the Bar Elan/Aluf Sadeh Interchange. Follow signs to Aluf Sadeh (LEFT LANE). Merge on to road and get into right hand lanes and follow signs to Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan. Straight through
THREE traffic lights. At FOURTH traffic light make a RIGHT TURN on to KOURAZIN STREET. Parking lot up 200 meters on left

Any problems, look at a map or call Twin Peaks on 0528743662


17-Oct Semen or Deliverance (they're fighting over who is setting.)
24-Oct Border Bitch NIKE NIGHT RUN
31-Oct Porn Queen & Tal PIMPS & HOS RUN WITH ON ON AFTER!!
7-Nov Long Horny
14-Nov Dyke.Cum
21-Nov Roya
28-Nov Boston Creamed
5-Dec Cassie
12-Dec Pig Woman
19-Dec White Pointers
26-Dec Captain Caveman
2-Jan Croc Sucker
9-Jan Tal
16-Jan Goldmember
23-Jan Deliverance
30-Jan AIDS
13-Feb Quickie
20-Feb AmboHo
27-Feb Semen
6-Mar BlingDong

Bat Yam is SOUTH of Tel Aviv. Thanks for playing!

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