10 September, 2009

Hash Trash Run 805, DiERECTIONs to Run 806

The scribe can barely think of words to recap this hash (the scribe can barely REMEMBER the hash). For once, there were no complaints (well, the 2+1 beer special did nearly induce Scribe-Vomitus Escapus). This may go down in history as The Greatest Hash Ever. If you missed it, you missed it. The run started out ominously when Boston attempted to run down the parking attendant (well, that was his version of what happened)- and so a car full of hashers drove up to park while there was a full blown Israel-style screaming match already in progress. Exciting! The pack burst into a quiet bar on a Saturday afternoon, shot some pool, harassed the locals and ran to two other places. Swing Low was sung in front of the door to Molly Bloom's, Maria stuck to her wine order despite the entire bar screaming words of shame at her. In the 2nd half, a mutiny was lead by Dear Leader, Border Bitch, who helped the group decide that they didn't want to follow the blobs, but rather run directly back to the circle. Susan drank from her shoe and Boston and Fatty Tatty bought all our drunk as$es snacks for the down downs. Some hashers went out afterwards- they all woke up to regret that decision on Sunday.

Down Downs!

Hares: Wet Pussy & Dyke.Cum
Boston Creamed!

DFL: Foreplay

Returnees: Jessica, Porn Queen, Boston Creamed, Susan, Pig Woman

Shady Shandy: Dyke.cum

Registering on the Richter Scale: Border Bitch

You call it short cutting, I call it leadership: Border Bitch, Porn Queen

I'll have a dry white wine, please: Maria

Marathon (wo)Man: Pig Woman

No Hash Kit: Paul, AmboHo, Ali, Susan

New Shoes: Susan (who then apparently lost her sock)

Running with the wind in her hair and a cigarette in her mouth: Fatty Tatty

Directions to Run 806!

Hare: Fatty Tatty

Where: Mosque parking lot next to the David Intercon hotel. You know, where we just met. Across from the Dolphinarium...

Lost? Call Fatty Tatty 057 420 6720

Hare Roster! ***New roster being crafted! Speak now or set on the date you're assigned!!***

19-Sep Quickie

26-Sep Long Horny

3-Oct Desperate Housewife

10-Oct Goldmember

17-Oct Fart Smeller

Registration now open for the Nike Night Run on October 24th!

Check out www.Shvoong.Co.Il to sign up and list your club as HASH HOUSE HARRIERS

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