12 August, 2009

Hash Trash Run 801, DiERECTIONs for 802

The pack met at their favorite corner in Kohav Hatsafon bedecked in togas and laurels (aka, bedsheets and plants). The circle was recycled from a few runs ago and the pack learned a new word in English: Equidistant. As in, the first and second halves were equidistant from the start. Hooray! Vocabulary! Anyway, on we ran in our togas, some carrying horns, others with sabers. There were photos taken by people in cars, a cyclist nearly fell of his bike gawking and other sundry calamaties. Dyke.Cum had numerous outfit changes- her toga changed into a dress, a long scarf and a sexy criss cross top. She didn't think to use a stapler or safety pins to keep it on. BlingDong took a phone call and told his son how to bake a cake, Semen decided to chat with her personal trainer while on the run. The beer meister brough enough grog for 50 hashers, which was good, because despite our numbers, we were damn thirsty. At the equidistant halfway, the group sang a new song and enjoyed some ouzo, courtesy of Tal. A dad and his toddler watched the group warily, but weren't so freaked out that they left the park. We'll try harder next time. Desperate Housewife crawled across the finish and sprawled into the flour... We also named Bernadette, that woman who gave birth to Border Bitch... welcome to Rowtard.  Shhh! rumor has it, after the on on, one hasher drunkenly crashed their bike. Only the bruising will give them away.
Hares: Border Bitch, Rowtard
FRB: Desperate Housewife
DFL: Dyke.Cum
And I'm Free! Free Ballin': Captain Caveman 
No Thank You, No Ouzo: Maria 
Returnees: Squidgy, Rowtard
Brrrring Brrring: AGAIN! RamalamablingDong (RamalamaRingDong?), Semen
Wardrobe Malfunction: Dyke.Cum
New JEWels: Border Bitch & Desperate Housewife
300 Runs: Goldmember
Directions for Run 802 - Please help Caveman set! (remember the last time he set at Migdal Tsedek?!)
When Where? Saturday, 4pm Ra'anana
How??? From Herzeliya take the Kfar Shmariyahu road EAST to the end which is Yerushayim St. and turn LEFT.
First lights (at the park) turn LEFT. Drive a bit until the gas station, that's where we meet,
Note: Seeing as this is Penis Pan's Hash and he ran off, and I out of the goodness of my good samaritan heart offered to set the run not realizing that I spoiled unknown to me plans made by my better half so who will help me set the run Friday morning at 7:00? Otherwise there may not be a walkers trail.
Captain Caveman 052-2445644
22-Aug Croc Sucker/Fart Smeller
29-Aug Semen
5-Sep Wet Pussy
12-Sep Fatty Tatty
19-Sep Quickie
26-Sep Long Horny
3-Oct Desperate Housewife
10-Oct Goldmember
17-Oct Fart Smeller
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