16 July, 2009

Hash Trash- Run 797, diERECTIONs to 798- On On after, Impromptu Sunday Night Hash Party, Order your Tshirts!

After a quick relocation of the starting point due to the Maccabi Games, the group met up at their favorite corner to work in Kohav Hatsafon. It was about 3,000,000,000,000 degrees out and the hares were apparently too cheap to buy enough flour. Blobs were microscopic and a vote was taken that the hash needs a Readers Digest LARGE FONT edition blobs. At the half-way we sang Old MacDonald with limited enthusiasm, and the second half was most definitely shorter than the first half, which suited the scribe just fine. The scribe can't remember much else, because she enjoyed the cool, cool beer at the end far too much.... but we all got AIDS. And by that, I mean we all poured flour on the hasher formerly known as Merav.

Hares: AmboHo, Porn Queen

FRB: Desperate Housewife


Shortcutters: Cassie, Ally

Virgins: Pig Woman, Tal, Susan, Ally, Sigal

Brrring Brrring How May I Direct Your Call? Porn Queen, Twin Peaks

Trailblazers/Lost Hashers: Desperate Housewife, R2D2, C3P0

Kickass Sock Guy Sock Fans: Border Bitch, Twin Peaks


DiERECTIONs to Run 798:


Hare: Caveman

Where/When: Saturday, 18 July

This weeks Hash run will start the Midgal Tsedek National Park.

Di-erection-s to get there take Route 5 East to Rosh HaAyin. On to Route 444 which will go around Rosh Hayin to the South. Hopefully you will pass Rosh Hayin on the Left and Kibbutz Einat on the Right. As the 444 bears to the Right there's a set of lights where you should turn Left. In front of you on the hill will be crusader ruins (where the movie Delta Force was filmed) where we start.

Before the run your hare or Pregnant Pause will give a short crusader lecture with a quiz at the end. Those passing the quiz will get a down-down.

After-Hash party at Yigal's Shipudiya for pay-for-your-own fat dripping Shuwarma (at the junction of Rts. 5 + 40).

Lost???? Captain Caveman 052-2445644


Sunday Impromptu Hash Party:

Where: The Dancing Camel, Ha-Taasiya Street, at the intersection with Ha-Mesger, Tel Aviv.

When: 19:30 onwards

Why: Because the beer is excellent and cheap (1+1 until 21:30) AND they're showing Reservoir Dogs at 8pm!

Talk to Border Bitch if you're interested



Pick a color and a size by WEDNESDAY or go naked on the run. Talk to Dyke.Cum to order (Strickland.michelle@gmail.com)


HASH ROSTER… if you can't set, find someone who can!!!

25-Jul White Pointers
1-Aug Deliverance
8-Aug Border Bitch
15-Aug Penis Pan
22-Aug Croc Sucker
29-Aug Semen
5-Sep Wet Pussy
12-Sep Fatty Tatty
19-Sep Quickie
20-Sep Ramalamablingdong
27-Sep Long Horny
3-Oct Desperate Housewife
10-Oct Goldmember
17-Oct Fart Smeller


Hash Scribe

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