09 July, 2009

Hash Trash Run 796, DiERECTIONs for 797

The day did not start well for one of the hashers, and continued to go downhill. Our darling AmboHo (the beer meister) found herself locked in the garbage room at her apartment for quite some time. Oddly enough, the scribe must have walked past our stranded beer meister while walking the dog. Amboho was released from the clutches of the trash room and drove BB and Desperate Housewife to the run. At the circle, while unloading all the coolers of delicious nectar, a furious toxic cloud exploded out of the back of the car. Amboho had set off the fire extinguisher in the trunk. The downdown beers, the Beer Meister and the clean change of clothes the scribe brought to the hash are now sufficiently retarded flame retarded. So anyway, the run! We met in the German Colony, parked illegally, ran through birthday parties, through the city and at the halfway sang "If you're happy and you know it." Locals looked at the group like the Special Needs Adults were being led on a field trip away from the group home. The holds were color-coded, including some red, white and blue ones in honor of the World's Most Awesome Nation having a birthday. At the on in Border Bitch (perhaps under the influence of fire extinguisher poison) tripped, flapped her arms, did some crazy dance, cursed and just about plowed into Cassie. She stayed on her feet, the pack made it back to the circle. Beers were had, and then they brought the On On to Buzz Stop so CrockSucker could join in the fun.


Hare: Merav, Porn Queen

FRB: Penis Pan

DFL: CockBlock

Virgins: Cock Block, Battery Motivated Wench (BMW)

Late Cummers: Semen, Twin Peaks, Cock Block, BMW

Flying Wallenda: Border Bitch

Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star: Cassie, Cock Block, BMW

Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Cock Block, BMW

Chatty Cathy: Twin Peaks

RUN 797

Hare: AmboHo

Location: Hadar Yosef Stadium,

When: 4pm Saturday

Directions: Ayalon north or south to Rokach, and exit to head east. Make a right on Sheetrit (about 1k from Ayalon exit, first set of lights), enter 2nd car park on the right at Hadar Yosef Stadium (700 m from intersection).Make a left in car park and move to the eastern end.

Lost??? Call the hare and tell her you've missed the 75 runs we've set from this location 052-545-2319

HARE ROSTER- If you can't do it on the day, find someone who can

18-Jul Caveman
25-Jul White Pointers
1-Aug Deliverance
8-Aug Border Bitch
15-Aug Penis Pan
22-Aug Croc Sucker
29-Aug Semen
5-Sep Wet Pussy
12-Sep Fatty Tatty
19-Sep Quickie
20-Sep Ramalamablingdong
27-Sep Long Horny
3-Oct Desperate Housewife
10-Oct Goldmember
17-Oct Fart Smeller

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