21 May, 2009

Hash Trash Run 788 Directions to Run 789

The pack met at a familiar corner in Tel Aviv. Despite Fatty Tatty's insistence, there was no available parking, because this is Tel Aviv and parking is as elusive as the unicorn. The beer meister was kind enough to drop off the beer before starting on a quest to find a parking spot- he arrived approximately 20 minutes late. The hares decided to practice modern-day feminism and instituted Prostate Checks where all of the men would have to check it out. The symbol for this? A poorly drawn flaccid member. For some reason (self-hating feminists, or perhaps trying to prove that women ARE tougher than men), they kept the titty checks. The downside? Only two women in the pack. The halfway was one for the ages- no song and cold beers at Cup of Joe. At that point, the scribe joined the walkers for an iced coffee and a short stroll down Diezengoff- she'll be heading back soon to buy some shoes she saw in a window. The world's shortest hash wrapped up quickly, beers were drunk, the pack went home.
Down Downs!
Hares: Fatty Tatty & Just Shaila
FRB: Desperate Housewife
DFL: (not so) Quickie
Virgin: Eliana
Returnees: ForePlay, Meirav, Wind Breaker
Hash Kit: Wind Breaker (& Semen for not ensuring the Hash Kit was washed)
Prostate Check: Hashers with Prostates
What time does the Hash start? RamalamablingDong, Just Shaila, Long Horny
Name Amnesia: Wind Breaker
Feeling Feminine: Long Horny
Titty Checks: Dyke.Cum & Border Bitch
Location: Ha-Arad Street, Ramat Ha-Chayal, Tel Aviv

From Kfar Saba / Petach Tikva:
Turn to Rd. #5 towards TA at Morasha interchange. Turn left (south) at Ha-Kfar Hayarok interchange. Turn left at Dvora Ha-Nevi'a (7th stoplight). Keep straight until you get to a roundabout, turn right and immediately left, to Ha-Arad. Parking lot to your left.

From Herzelia / North TA:
Go to KKL interchange, cross Ayalon towards the east. Continue straight til the major junction (Pinchas Rozen), and turn right. At the next major junction (6th stoplight) turn left to Raul Valengerg. Turn right at Ha-Arad. Parking lot to your left.

From South TA (and beyond):
Travel north on ayalon, get off at Rokach interchange and take a right (east). Take the right lane and turn right to Shitrit. Keep going straight with this street, the 5th stoplight will be Ha-Arad - turn right. Parking lot to your left.

Quikie                              5/30/09

Goldmember                  6/6/09

Ragip                              6/13/09

Shaila                              6/20/09

Etti                                   6/27/09
Amboho                           7/4/09

On-on! Hash Scribe

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