08 April, 2009

Hash Trash 777 & Di-ERECTIONs to Run 783





The pack arrived from near, far, and the beach across the street. Some hashers drove proudly to the hash in their outfits, others shamefully hid their glorious dresses under gigantic hooded sweatshirts, much the way a redneck teen would hide a pregnancy. The pack was harassed by the paparazzi from Ynet while applying lipstick to men, women and children-alike. Hashers ran in tutus, bridesmaid dresses, 1980s power suits and ballgowns. A child's kiwi hat was used as both a hat and a codpiece. There were fishnets, garter belts, knitwear leaving nothing to the imagination and lots of non-breathable fabric. It should be noted that the RA chose a dress that was not very flattering for his figure and may be reported to "What Not To Wear". 


The pack took off like a bat out of hell, causing many to wonder whether they were being chased (they were, by the photogs on the motorcycle). It also became apparent that 95% of Tel Aviv residents have a camera on them at all times and they were content to step into the pack's path to snap a photo of the red blur. The halfway was a cause for celebration with Carlsberg, thanks to a cooler hauled with child-labor provided by Swamp Monster.


Along with the numerous stares, shouts and wolf-whistles as they ran down every main boulevard in the city, the H4 finally realized their spiritual home: The Hare Krishnas. The red-clad hashers whirled, clapped and shook it to the tune of Hare Hare Krishna and tambourine. They then formed a tight pack to run home and sing hash songs... this lasted for about 2 minutes, til yet again, they were out of breath. At the On In hashers scattered, some nearly colliding, trying to find the fastest way back to the circle. Beer was drunk, outfits were modeled, photos were taken.

Down downs

FRB: Captain Caveman
DFL: Boston Creamed

Dogooder: Croc Sucker

Desert Run: No idea, the RA didn't write it down. The scribe's sheep hat may have been cutting off the blood flow. Imagine the usual suspects who run too much and too often.
Virgins: Scheidelwutz, Chuck, Heather, Maria, Alon

Returnees: Fatty Tatty, BorderBitch & Desperate Housewife

Sexy Legs: Diablo

Mating Rituals: BorderBitch & Desperate Housewife

Love You Long Time: Longhorny
Well Hung: Scheidelwutz, Desperate Housewife

Sitting On the Hash: Penis Pan, Chuck

Power Dresser/1987 Called And They Want Their Shoulder Pads Back: Penis Pan

Hash Respect: Deliverance

Namings: FunnyBoner AmboHo

of the event can be seen at http://picasaweb.google.com/holyland.hashers


DIRECTIONS TO RUN 783 with ON-ON after!

When: Sat at 4 pm**, 11 April 2009
Where: The corner of Maurizio Vitale and Levi Eshkol in Kohav Hatsafon- BB and DH's corner.
Directions: Seriously? How many times have we started here?! From Herzliya, head south on Namir Road (Rt 2), turn right on Shai Agnon just after the AMPM. Make a left at the first lights (Levi Eshkol). Park Yo' Car.  From the Ayalon: Exit at University/Rokach, turn left at the exit ramp. Make a right on Namir, then a left at the next lights (Shai Agnon), next lights make a left. Park Yo' Car.

Bring fixins for a party after the hash- food, drink, salads.

If lost or just need a shoulder to cry on, call  BorderBitch at 057 420 6844

** Note the new summer hash starting time is now 4 pm.

NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.

Semen                            4/18/09
Deliverance                    4/25/09
Dyke.Cum                       5/2/09
Ramalamablingdong     5/9/009
Fatty Tatty                       5/16/09
Penis Pan                       5/23/09

Quikie                              5/30/09

Goldmember                  6/6/09

Ragip                              6/13/09

Shaila                              6/20/09

Etti                                   6/27/09
Amboho                           7/4/09

Hash Scribe

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