23 April, 2009

Hash Trash- DiERECTIONs to Run 785

Hash Trash Run 784:
We met at Cheerio Park, the site of the summer hash where the hoon crashed into the curb while showing off for some girls and Russian Bride and Tiar Fruck coma'd out/napped the hash away... This meeting was less spirited than previous gatherings, perhaps because it was hot, perhaps because all the blobs on the trail had been cleaned by the 'street sweepers' and the hare couldn't quite remember where the heck we were meant to go. Never mind the millions of unleashed purebred dogs wandering the streets (only in Herzlia), or the lackluster attitude of hashers (probably still nursing holy-wine induced hangovers). Halfway arrived, The Hash House Family was croaked, and back to the circle we went.

Hare: Deliverance
FRB: Crocksucker
DFL: Boston Creamed
Virgin: Leslie
Lost in Space: Schneidlwutz/weinershnitzel (sorry, never quite got it.), Chuck and "Had to Pee" Heather
At the Movies with popcorn cups: Caveman
Shortcutting Bastardess: Crocksucker
Child Abuse: Diablo, for forcing swamp monster to slog the 7k like a total champ
Slept In: Longhorny
UFO Sighting (and god was that hat ugly): Caveman
School Buddies: Schneidlwutz/weinershnitzel & Twin Peaks
We've Got Beers Left Over: Dyke.cum, Border Bitch, Ramalamablingdong

From your hare, Semen (spelling errors come free! witticisms in italics by your scribe- we're meeting in Ra/anna/Raanana/Raánana) yeah I looked it up on the map and guess what -- no street names. I can provide some instructions:

We are meeting at the Raanana cemetary (great.). If coming from Tel-Aviv, take Route $ (one would suppose Route 4) and get off at the Raánana South exie (1st one), drive all the way down Ahoza Steet till Jerusalem Street and go toward the Ra/anna Park. Pass the part of the right and continue till round about. Turn right, pass the paarking lot on right and at second round- about turn left. You will pass a school (this sounds more like a threat than a direction). (I think that is Yair Street). Continue on that rd till Cemetary.

If coming from Herzalia - drive towards Raánna and turn left on Jerusalem St. and then Left again at the light across from the large shopping center (the Park). Pass the park on the right and follow instructions from above.

Lousy I know - but it's all i have. Lost (and won't we all be?!) - call 054-440-6313

NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.

Dyke.Cum                       5/2/09
Ramalamablingdong     5/9/009
Fatty Tatty                       5/16/09
Penis Pan                       5/23/09

Quikie                              5/30/09

Goldmember                  6/6/09

Ragip                              6/13/09

Shaila                              6/20/09

Etti                                   6/27/09
Amboho                           7/4/09

Hash Scribe

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