16 April, 2009



The pack met at a familiar corner in Kohav Hatsafon. They ran through the streets of Bavli, through the park and over the only section of shiggy trail in Tel Aviv. Deliverance nearly ate it on the trail and was honored back at the circle with some Junior Birdman. At the halfway Father Abraham was sung, holy wine was drunk and industrial-strength jello-shots were downed. The on-in was immediately after a final hold, in the hopes of producing a new FRB- the hares plans were nearly foiled when Twin Peaks saw the On In and immediately ran away from the circle, Border Bitch grabbed her by the shoulders, shook some sense into her and spun her in the correct direction. At the end of the run, there was a near hash-riot when the beer-meister and the RA attempted to make the hash culturally sensitive and ban beer in honor of Passover. After hashers tried to figure out the nearest place to get beer on a Saturday (answer: Nowhere), cursed mightily and sulked, there was a Passover/Easter/Wiccan miracle and a cooler of beer magically appeared. No one laughed, everyone drank. They then went to a bbq at DH and BB's house, where somehow the Hash Hound was allowed to eat a pork chop, bone and all. The hashers went home, the dog got sick.

Down Downs

Hares: Border Bitch and Desperate Housewife
FRB: Twin Peaks
DFL: Amy
Virgins: Amy, Rob, Meirav
Paparazzi: Boston Creamed
Smelly Feet: Captain Caveman
Thank God This Time We Didn't Need a Search Party: Ramalamablingdong
Short Cutters: Croc Sucker, Scheidelwutz
Returnees: Eti, Rami, Gilli, Yonatan
5 Years of Surviving Each Others Company: Border Bitch and Desperate Housewife
Have a Nice Trip: Deliverance
Insecure: Boston Creamed

Di-ERECTIONS to Run 784

This Saturday's Hash will begin at the Dog Park (Cheerio) in Herzliyya Pituach at 4:00. 

From Tel Aviv:  Take the coastal road (Highway 2) to the Kfar Shmaryahu exit and make a left at the light into Herzilya Pituach.  Continue down Keren HaYessod through 2 rotaries.  At the 2nd rotary make a right onto Wingate Street and continue until you see a large triangular park on your left. 


Lost or any questions call Deliverance at 054-300-5092.


NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.

Semen                               4/25/09
Dyke.Cum                       5/2/09
Ramalamablingdong     5/9/009
Fatty Tatty                       5/16/09
Penis Pan                       5/23/09

Quikie                              5/30/09

Goldmember                  6/6/09

Ragip                              6/13/09

Shaila                              6/20/09

Etti                                   6/27/09
Amboho                           7/4/09


Hash Scribe

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