29 April, 2009

Hash Trash Run 785, Di-ERECTION-s to Run 786

So, if you saw the directions to last week's hash, it should come as no surprise that
everyone was late, a search party needed to be sent out to find wayward hashers and we did NOT/NOT start on time. After finally being told to check it out, we ran over hill and dale, through some serious shiggy trail, lost the trail for the 2nd week in a row (people! use a map!) and were somehow tricked into following a live hare up a gigantic hill. The view was nice, but the scribe could barely hear the description of what she was looking at- the sound of her own heart nearing explosion drowned out the tour. The halfway was meant to be a rousing rendition of "Hash House Family" but no one new the words, so we settled on "Father Abraham". Again. At the final hold, the hares gave up forcing us to find the trail, and instead told us to run down the road to the circle. Thank. freaking. god.

Hares: Semen, Cassie
FRB: Border Bitch
DFL: Shaila
Virgins: Gavin, Revital, Spit it Out
Golden Shower: Cassie, Rami, Gili (a family that pees together...?), Shaila, Desperate Housewife, Fatty Tatty
Marathon/10k: Wet Pussy, Dyke.Cum, Twin Peaks, Diablo, Quickie, Desperate Housewife, Border Bitch, Boston Creamed
1st Run: Etti
Returnees: Cassie, Quickie, Fatty Tatty
Slack Bastards Drinking All the Beer in the Parking Lot: Wet Pussy, Dyke.Cum, Fatty Tatty, Twin Peaks
No Rhythm: Gavin
Reincarnated High School Cheer Squad: Deliverance, Semen
No Hash Kit: Amboho, Shaila

RUN 786
Where: Tel Aviv
Di-Erections: Hash will start on the corner of Ben Yehuda and Gordon, Tel Aviv.

Paid parking can be found on Ha-Yarkon (between Frishman and Gordon) and on Mapu (between Ben Yehuda and Ha-Yarkon), otherwise try you luck with finding street parking.

There will be an on-on afterwards, your hare will provide Indian Curry but if you would prefer a BBQ bring along some meat.  Please also bring along some snacks and drinks.

Lost? Call your hare, Dike Dot Cum, on 054 558 1720

Hash Scribe

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