07 May, 2009

Hash Trash Run 786, Di-ERECTION-s to Run 787

So some of you got a rogue email with the directions... should you care to read the Hash Trash, look no further! For Hare Roster and Quiz Night info scroll Down, Down, Down.

Run 786
The scribe has no idea what happened on the run because she was too lazy to do it. She did have a lovely walk with Fatty Tatty on the way there and Fatty Tatty, Semen and Desperate Housewife on the return journey. She heard it was nearly devoid of holds (altho' there was some ridiculocity involving "if the women show us your tits the men will check it (the tits AND the trail) out." While shirts were lifted, apparently sports bras didn't count as flashing. Anyhoo, everyone made it back alive, only to climb 5 flights of steps to Dyke.Cum and Wet Pussy's flat for Down Downs.

(Speaking of) DOWN DOWNS
Hare: Dyke.Cum
FRB: Caveman
DFL: Goldmember
On Speed: Penis Pan
Think You've Got Tits? Desperate Housewife
Pongo Special/No Hash Gear: Ramalamablingdong and Ragip
Traitors to the Runners: Desperate Housewife and Semen
No Flashing (cue "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child): CrockSucker, AmboHo, Deliverance, Fatty Tatty, Border Bitch, Twin Peaks, Goldmember, Semen, Dyke.Cum
Best Blow Job: Caveman

Run 787:
When: Sat 9 May, 4 pm
Where: Rishon Lezion. The meeting point is in Mota(Mordechai) Gur street in front of the College (Hamichlala Leminhal-Red Building) just after a big circle (Yzhak Rabin Circle), in
the parking area.
Directions: Coming from road number 4 (south) Tel-Aviv
Ashdod: Take the right exit through Rishon le Zion West (sea) just before the bridge, turn right and drive straight through Moshe-Dayan road, At the 3'th traffic light turn left to Levi Eshkol St , pass two traffic lights and a circle. After the circle search for a parking spot.
Coming From road number 20 Ayalon south: Exit to Rishon Le Zion east drive straight under the bridge to Yzhak Rabin road (when passing under the bridge take the left course). Drive straight pass one traffic light and turn right in the Yzhak  Rabin Circle. After the circle search for a parking spot.

Lost? call RamalamablingDong 0524 238867 or Eti 0506444759

Fatty Tatty                       5/16/09
Penis Pan                       5/23/09

Quikie                              5/30/09

Goldmember                  6/6/09

Ragip                              6/13/09

Shaila                              6/20/09

Etti                                   6/27/09
Amboho                           7/4/09


The next quiz night will be on Friday, May 15th at Aaron and Margaret Ben-Shoshan's home in Herzliya Pituach.  Please arrive by 7:30 so that we can start on time.  Also, remember to bring snacks and drinks to share. 
The address is 6 Sara Street.  Directions from Tel Aviv:  Take the Highway 2 to the Kfar Shmaryahu exit.  Make a left at the light into Herzilya Pituach and continue straight on Keren HaYessod Street.  Go straight through one rotary and at the second rotary make a right onto Wingate Street.  Make your second possible left onto Sara Street.
This will be the last Quiz Night until September.

Hash Scribe

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