11 June, 2009

Hash Trash- For Hash Weekend Details scroll DOWN DOWN DOWN

The pack schlepped all the way out to Kohav Ya'ir… they met in Goldmember's garden (which sounds dirty.), and a few minutes after 4 took off, running through fields, playgrounds, near the security fence/separation wall (good news! No rocks were thrown!). The scribe has no idea what happened, because she, yet again, lived the good life with the walkers. Some totally lost new-ish hashers, thankfully found the group of walkers while cruising the backstreets of the neighborhood looking for the start. Huzzah! More walkers! Anyhoo, the first half was long… very long. Not Quickie-Long, but a good 4+km.  At the halfway the group sang Old McDonald, which was a welcome relief from the constant crowing of Father Abraham. The second half quite a few runners were  corrupted and joined the walkers, but Croc Sucker couldn't handle not running, so she abandoned us midway. The 2nd half was only 2km. For once, Goldmember gauged an appropriate distance for the hash, and did not set it over the course of two days, with multiple lunch breaks and chats with friends. Long Horny even rated the run "pretty good". Hooray for the hashers, boo for the scribe, because she secretly prefers when the run sucks and she can take out her pent up rage on the hash trash.


Hare: Goldmember

FRB: Fart Smeller

DFL: Caveman

Bipolar Hashers: CrocSucker, Wet Pussy

Virgins: Inbal, Cory

Punctuality, People!/Late Cummers: JJ, Cory

Ass Kickin' Triathletes: Semen, Border Bitch

Nice Hash Kit!: Meirav

Another Year Closer to Death: Dyke.cum

50 Runs: Border Bitch

100 Runs: Swamp Monster






50 NIS pp to the Hash Cash

Camping: 55 NIS per person, per night (Note: If you are eligible to avoid VAT bring your passport and inform the reception as you arrive.)
Shirts: 30ish NIS



Something to share for dinner on Friday

Accoutrement for camping, spending days at the beach, running at the hash and klassy drinking outfitz.

Arrive from midday onwards
Get drunk
7pm Hash - All Welcome, so get off yer butt and drive up from TLV!
Hare: Penis Pan
8pm BBQ

Breakfast (supplied)
Lunch - Leftovers from Dinner (hopefully)
Get drunk at the beach
Hash 4pm - Hare: Long Horny, yet again, get off yer butt and drive up from TLV!
Dinner 7:30pm Zihron Ya'akov

Breakfast (supplied)
Depart at leisure

Take the Number 2 North from Tel Aviv,
13km after the Caesarea interchange take the exit onto the Number 70 and head inland. 
Travel 2km and turn left onto the Number 4.
After 1.5 km turn Left onto the 7011
Follow this to the end and head to the southern part of the parking lot.
The village's reception is inside the gate on the right - please pay your accommodation costs directly to the reception -  camping 55 shekels per person per night. The camping ground is straight ahead - first to arrive should stake out a claim!

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