29 July, 2009

Hash Trash 799, DiERECTIONs 800- ON ON After!!

Directions were far clearer to Rishon this time around (altho' there was debate as to which traffic light constituted the FIRST light of six to count). We met at SportKef park in the concrete jungle. AIDS was pushing t-shirts out of the trunk of her car... she's caught the virus and really enjoyed this type of sales. Off we ran! Around a park! Through the streets! The blobs of flour were few and far between. Thankfully our hare remembered where we were ultimately off to, so despite the blob-lite (now with fewer calories!) trail, we made our way to the Park of Leaders. Border Bitch guessed that every old dude was Jabotinsky or Arlozorov. She was wrong. There was a young group of American kids that were SUPER excited that there were Americans running. We were too sweaty and thirsty for beer to continue chatting with them. At the halfway, the group sang a song that White Pointers SWORE we'd all know in English (we didn't), but it was a bastardized version of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Sung in Hebrew. From there we continued slogging along, next to the highway, behind a shopping center and back to the circle. Thankfully there was a gigantic truck in the parking lot and we all huddled next to it in the waning shade. Beer was drunk, salty MSG laden crackers were eaten, we went home.

Hares: RamalamablingDong, White Pointers
FRB: Wind Breaker
DFL: Deliverance, Porn Queen
SCB: Desperate Housewife, Porn Queen, Daniel
Misnaming: Fart Smella
Virgins: Tony
Relievers: Tony (was he a virgin reliever?)
Returnees: Bullshit, RamalamablingDong, White Pointers, Squidgy
Brrrring Brrring: RamalamablingDong (RamalamaRingDong?)
Flying through the air with the greatest of ease: Deliverance
The Dog Ate My Hash Shirt: Allie, Tal, Maria, Bullshit

This Saturday's Hash will be at the Alexander River at 4:00PM. There will be an ON ON following the Hash

Take the coastal road (Highway 2) towards Haifa. Go straight on the 2 until you PASS Yannay exit. There is a shopping area and Paz gas station on your right. After passing the exit you will need to get in the right hand lane and slow down a bit. You will see BROWN sign that says Alexander River, prepare to turn right. When the guard rail stops you make that right turn onto an unpaved road. Make a another right and an immediate left. Your hare will be waiting there for you.
800th run ON ON at Tal's parent's house. Tal has graciously agreed to let us trespass on his folk's property which is close to the Hash. They have a pool! Please bring the mandatory meats and salads to share. Don't forget a bathing suit and a towel.
Lost: Deliverance 054-300-5092
Hare Roster- Victims Solicited to Pinch-Hit for Penis Pan on August 15th!

8-Aug Border Bitch
15-Aug WHO WILL IT BE?????
22-Aug Croc Sucker
29-Aug Semen
5-Sep Wet Pussy
12-Sep Fatty Tatty
19-Sep Quickie
26-Sep Long Horny
3-Oct Desperate Housewife
10-Oct Goldmember
17-Oct Fart Smeller

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