05 August, 2009

Hash Trash 800- TOGA RUN 801 with ON ON after!

Hash Trash 800, DiERECTIONs 801!

The large pack assembled at Alexander River for run number 800.  The hashers were a spiffy looking bunch decked out in their new brightly coloured shirts.  The t-shirt clearance sale continued out of the back of AIDS' car- beware, she's really gotten addicted to this. Who knows what she'll sell next week... despite the tricky directions we all made it to the circle on time for once.

The pack ran through soft sand, fields full of prickles, more soft sand and more fields of prickles. Again, blood was drawn. Along the way we lost Desperate Housewife and Wet Pussy who shortcutted to join the walkers for the first half.  At a hold Goldmember hid behind a bush to take a wee, only to find Dyke dot cum capturing this private moment on film. Sexy!

The hashers were a thirsty group once back at the circle and mild irritation almost most turned to full blown riot when White Pointers failed to appear with the magic key to the beer.  After an eternity the beer arrived, was consumed, ran out and the pack grumbled some more. One beer per hasher is UNACCEPTABLE!  At the circle, In and Out was a sight for sore eyes.  The fashion backwards hasher made a statement when he tucked
the sides of his short shorts into his jocks and donned a tea-towel on his head.  The down down beers (tasting more like a cup of tea than beer) burned a few mouths on their way down and we learnt all about spotty dicks.  We bid a fond farewell to Penis Pan and headed off funeral procession style to Tals' parents place for a swim and a delicious BBQ feast.  Thanks to Tal and his family for agreeing to host the on-on, we are not expecting to be invited back.


Hares: Deliverance, Free Willy
FRB: Long Horny
DFL: Woodcock
Golden Shower: Gold(en)member
SCB: Quickie, Desperate Housewife, Fartsmella, Wet Pussy, Porn Queen, AIDS, Fatty Tatty
Returnees: Woodcock, Susan
Virgins: Richard, Roia
I've forgotten my hash name: Goldmember
No hash kit: Alie, Alon
25 runs: RamalamablingDong
So long, farewell: Penis Pan

Hare: Border Bitch
Very Important Info: We are running in togas. No particular reason, but more because "801" rhymes with "Toga Run". So get yo'self a toga, laurels (and any other ridiculous paraphenalia) and get out there!
Directions: Coming from the south, exit the Ayalon at Rokach/University. Make a left at the exit. At the intersection of Namir and Rokach, take a right. At the next lights (Shay Agnon) make a left. First traffic lights (Levi Eshkol) make a left. Park.  Coming from the Hertzamyknee-uh/North, take Namir road into Ramat Aviv, pass under the pedestrian bridge after Einstein. Make a right on Shay Agnon. At the next light make a left. Park yo'car.
We are On-Oning afterwards, so bring meats, salads and other things to cater a party on the porch.
Lost? I hate you. There is a google map! 057 420-6844

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