03 September, 2009

Hash Trash Run 804, Directions to 805- PUB CRAWL RUN

(begin rant) Semen and Windbreaker apparently took lessons at the "Quickie School of Setting" (I pray to everything good in the world that enrollment at this school of torture is closed.) and sent the group all over the Stepford-esque town of Caesaria. The pack was promised a point-to-point hash of about 4.5km where the hares used FIVE bags of flour. FIVE BAGS OF FLOUR. This should have been the pack's first clue that something was about to go horribly, terribly wrong. The first half was nice and short, we had a little shiggy experience, scrambled up a hill and at about the 2km mark we met and mumbled the tune to the Hash House Family (the hares forgot the lyric sheets). Things were looking good for a 4.5 km hash, as promised. Hashers were confused and some of us were in disbelief. Well… that disbelief was well-founded. In the 2nd half, there were two holds, Long Horny ran off into a ditch, we doubled back PAST where we had already run, on and on we schlepped, up a hill, down a hill, past ugly million-dollar homes. On and on we ran! Further! No stopping! ANOTHER 5.5 KILOMETERS WENT BY BEFORE WE GOT TO THE FINISH. Yes. 5+ kilometers. Two holds, a trail NEARLY DEVOID OF FLOUR. A whole pack of miserable and pissed off hashers. We had down-downs. We immediately got into our cars and left. Let me say, when you are awarded a 50 Run patch, the implication is that you have participated AND been conscious for at least 50 runs. I am voting for a demotion of rank after this week's shenanigans. As an aside, hashers, check your odometers when setting, because you know what? 4.5 MILES is the same as about 7.5 KILOMETERS. Double check: Metric? US Standard? Imperial pint? Pint? THEY'RE DIFFERENT MEASURES. (end rant)

Down Downs!

Hares: Semen & Windbreaker 
FRB: Fatty Tatty & Juliana

DFL: Twin Peaks & Amboho
Tinkle Tinkle Little Star: Long Horny

Returnees: Amboho, R2D2, C3PO, Tal

Lost… in… Spaaaaaaaaaaaace: Long Horny

Kickin' the Dog: Caveman

No Hash Kit: Windbreaker, AmboHo

Just call on me brother, when you need a hand: Caveman

Racing: Semen


Directions to Run 805!



When: Saturday 5th September at 4 pm
Where: Gan Hakovshim Park, South Tel Aviv
Directions: From Herzliya & North Tel Aviv, head south on Namir Road (Rt 2), turn right on Rokach Blvd.  Veer left at Tel Aviv Port on to Hayarkon St.  Follow street along beach front towards Jaffa.  At Dophinarium get to left and turn left at light (Nur Pines St) with mosque on left at corner, towards David Intercontinental Hotel.  Go to roundabout and coming back find parking at mosque or around Gan Hakovshim Park.

Lost? Call Wet Pussy - 054 907 2835


Hare Roster! ***New roster being crafted! Speak now or set on the date you're assigned!!***

12-Sep Fatty Tatty

19-Sep Quickie

26-Sep Long Horny

3-Oct Desperate Housewife

10-Oct Goldmember

17-Oct Fart Smeller


Registration now open for the Nike Night Run on October 24th! 

Check out www.Shvoong.Co.Il to sign up and list your club as HASH HOUSE HARRIERS

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