24 September, 2009

Hash Trash Run 807, Directions to 808

IMPORTANT NOTE: Despite the attempt at misinformation from your RA, THE HASH WILL BE AT 4PM THIS WEEK. (Daylight savings finishes at 2am Sunday morning).

The pack met at a slightly damp car park in Ga'ash and Quckie was at pains to point out the this hash was only going to be 6km. We checked it out and headed towards the beach. The hashers navigated the first fence of the day with some choosing to go under and some over, Caveman managed to put a gash in his arm. We then headed down to the beach and copped an eyeful as we ran through the nudist beach. Quickie stashed a keg of beer with the life guards for halfway drinks and we sung a German children's song complete with actions (ED NOTE: which probably looked as dirty as that sounds). In the second half the pack stopped for a photo opportunity in the convex roadside mirror. With the circle just meters away the last obstacle of the day presented itself, with a gate that Quickie sweared was open when he set now firmly locked. Caveman decided to tackle the gate head on an managed to fall 2m from the top onto his back with a resounding crack ringing out and prompting concerns that he'd broken his back, as it turned out the the plastic bottle on his back was responsible for the noise but Caveman's ankle and hash horn did not escape unscathed and the hash walked slowly back to the circle with the limping Caveman. Cold beer was drunk and also placed on Cavemans ankle.

Down Downs
: Pig Women
SCB: Roya, Croc Sucker
Misnaming: Seaman, Long Horny
Golf Balls: Tal
No Hash Kit: Pig Woman
Slept in: Long Horny
Walking Wounded: Caveman
Cheap Drunk: Fart Smella
Excess Energy R2D2, C3PO


Hare: Goldmember
Where: The parking lot next to the Intercontinental Hotel and the Mosque in South Tel Aviv... you know, where we keep starting the hash from.
Lost? 052-267-1796

Draft Hash Roster: THIS IS YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO CHANGE DATES ON THIS CALENDAR! Speak now or forever set your hash!

3-Oct Desperate Housewife

10-Oct Twin Peaks


24-Oct Border Bitch NIKE NIGHT RUN

31-Oct Porn Queen & Tal PIMPS & HOS RUN WITH ON ON AFTER!!

7-Nov Long Horny

14-Nov Dyke.Cum

21-Nov Roya

28-Nov Boston Creamed

5-Dec Cassie

12-Dec Pig Woman

19-Dec White Pointers

26-Dec Captain Caveman

2-Jan Porn Queen

9-Jan Croc Sucker

16-Jan Goldmember

23-Jan Deliverance

30-Jan AIDS

6-Feb Tal

13-Feb Quickie

20-Feb AmboHo

27-Feb Semen

6-Mar RamalamablingDong

13-Mar Long Horny

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