15 September, 2009

Hash Trash Run 806, Directions to Run 807

Your scribe would like to thank the guest-scribe for filling in this week. Yes I did say I would never camp in the State of Israel again (really, Hof Dor was disgusting), but I was beaten into submission by Desperate Housewife.

Anyhoo, the following quotes were heard uttered during this shambles of a run:

"What would Border Bitch have to say about this run?" "Only a "g-d" walker would set a trail like this?" "What the "eff" were they (Fatty Tatty & Maria) thinking?" "%^&*%$#@@#$%^&&*&^^%$#@"

Guest Scribe heard other charming and vulgar expressions, but thinks that since this is a family hash, you get the point. She was also really glad she decided to walk. Fatty Tatty, were you trying to make up for your last run (which lasted all of 12 minutes)?! According to the pack, this trail was 4x as long. BE WARNED: Twin Peaks is threatening to start send a whole lotta you to REEDUCATION CAMPS ON TRAIL SETTING since she was the only one reeducated by Dr. DoLittle. For current REEDUCATION CAMP nominees scroll down, down, down...

Fatty Tatty and Maria realizing that the trail may be a bit too long and looking for some sort of redemption, handed out beers and Pringles for the dehydrated Hashers at the half way point. We sang More Beer and then a discussion of whether or not to short cut the second half ensued among the runners. Feeling refreshed after consuming beer and Pringles, they decided to run the trail. Quick Drunks. Soon after, the walkers caught up with the runners, who were not only short cutting but walking. Caveman and Tal tried to continue on the trail but alas decided to short cut back to the start.

Hares: Fatty Tatty & Maria
FRSCB: (Front Running Short Cutting Bastard): Caveman
Virgin: Daniel
SCB: Deliverance, Tal, CrocSucker, Quickie, Fart Smeller
Run Over: Caveman (He was almost hit by a car and a motorbike)
Hip Hop: Quickie (Demonstrated how to wear pants so your underwear shows)
Late Cummer and No Hash Kit: Maria
Returnee: CrocSucker


HARE: Quickie

Where: Ga'ash (Where?! Here is a google map to get you close), attached is a Quickie-Map

-- Take#2 north
-- Exit at Ga'ash exit
-- At 1st roundabout, go through short tunnel under#2 towards Ga'ash
-- After this short tunnel, take 1st exit in roundabout, go straight in next roundabout, leave commercial area on your left (eg. ACE)
-- At next roundabout go left (bookstore)
-- At next roundabout go right, you will come to commercial area G'ash, enter parking lot without pavement on your right

Lost??? You're probably better off: 054-4531333 Quickie


26-Sep Long Horny

3-Oct Desperate Housewife

10-Oct Goldmember

17-Oct Fart Smeller

***TRIVIA ANSWER*** Hashers to date that need re-education are Quickie, Semen, Wind Breaker, Fatty Tatty and Maria. Let me know a date that works for all of you.

Hash Scribe

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