17 December, 2009

Hash Trash Run 820, Directions Run 821

Floater and Fluffer teamed up again to bring us ----  a gluten reduced hash?????  Well, there was some flour, happy barfing smiley face holds (sometimes even the markings get hung over).   But the pack was weaned off their wheat addiction with a steadily decreasing array of markers.  But who needs flour when Blingdong & Border Bitch find a football (soccer ball)!  Desperate Housewife & Border Btich may be killing all the wee hours of the morning with 100 pin Wii bowling, but in the daylight hours they're training for the Tel Aviv Kick-the-can Classic.  What is a football after all, but a rounder, bouncier, less clangy can?  Hashers, just let us know when to show up and cheer.

Once the football left the hash.   The runners scurried, flopped, and wiggled their way through playground equipment.  A few [Goldmember, Rack n Lube, Goony, OnOne TastyKakes] rejected the option of snake crawling through a playground and speeding down the big slide.  Somewhere, your inner child is crying.  Off to the half for some Father Abraham fun, now that we know all the words, we have to sing it every week.  The hares set an arrow into an parking lot, purposefully diverting the pack off the trail - perhaps hinting for another melodious circle of flapping hands and feet?  If you need to sing Father Abraham more than once a hash - just ask!

The walkers had their own trail and they were seeing double.  Twins in the pack, twins on the street, twin cats, twin flours.  Let's give up and drink beer!  And so we did thanks to Gene's On On and the dulcet tones of FattyTatty and the Just Gene Rock band.

On a sad note: Bon Voyage to Dyke.Cum and Wet Pussy. 

Down Downs

Hares: Fluffer, Floater
FRB: Border Bitch and Dyke.Cum
DFL: Goony
Sitting!!: Ally
Temper Tantrums: Fatty Tatty, AIDS
Kuff Ruff: Boston Creamed
Returnees: Ally, Boston Creamed, Rack n Lube, Goony, AIDS, Quickie, R2D2, C3PO,
Remedial Naming Class: Floater
Playing with Balls: Fluffer, Desperate Housewife, Blingdong
Bon Voyage: Dyke.Cum, WetPussy
Late Cummers: Susan, FattyTatty, Rack n Lube, Goony
Short Cutting: Twin Peaks
Hash Gear!!!: Susan, Gene, Ally
Late & Horny: Crocsucker, Fartsmella

Directions to Run 821

Hare: White pointers
Where: Address:  8 Harashba St Rishon le zion.

Dinner after the run at My apartment - bring delicious items.

Directions from all points:
From North to South :
Road no. 4 (Tel-aviv - Ashdod), take the exit to Rishon le zion west,
before the bridge, take right at the light and then on Moshe dayan St'
count 4 lights, at the fourth one take left to  Gdole israel St' ,
second exit on the square first left to Harashba.
Road No 20 (Ayalon south) the the exit to Rishon le zion (after
Komemiute exit), go right at the second exit (under the bridge) to
Moshe dayan St' and start counting 6 lights. At the sixth light take
right to  Gdole israel St' , second exit on the square first left to
See attached map.

Parking is very limited there are 3 small parking areas near by one at
Harashba St itself on the left after house no. 10, one on Elkabets St
the opposite direction of Harashb, and one on Hanagid St right turn
after house number 10 on Harashb St

Lost or any other  Questions? 050.6444759 - Saturday at Three

Hare Roster
26-Dec Boston Creamed
2-Jan Croc Sucker
9-Jan Fluffer
16-Jan Goldmember
23-Jan Fart Smella
30-Jan Porn Queen
13-Feb Quickie
20-Feb AmboHo
27-Feb Semen
6-Mar BlingDong
Hash Scribe

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