19 February, 2010

Hash Trash Run 830, Directions to Run 831

What can we say about the St. Valentines day pre-lewd run?  Was it lewd?  I'm sure, was it before Valentines day?  Absolutely!

But the pack was sure of little else.  There was something about red and pink and blue chalk.  Were we supposed to eat it? Stop, run, wait, sit on it?  Pink marks mean that all runners are now walkers or vice verse.  End result - the pack was lost in record time and had to call Still Coming to figure out what to do next.

Also noted, the end was not at the same spot as the beginning.  As Hash Scribe, I'm partial to that kind of trail narrative, but I seem to be a very small (but vocal) minority. 

Grave Robber was a live and feisty hare to chase after and after 7 kilometers of fun thank goodness there was food at the end.

Down Downs

Hare:  Grave Robber

FRB:  Pig Woman

DFL: Boston Creamed

Returnees:  GraveRobber, Still Coming, In and Out, Aids

Misnaming:  Twin Peaks, Deliverance

Hash Abuse:  Semen

1st place at Savyyon:  Goldmember

Misleading the Hash: Grave Robber

Late Call In: Pig Woman

Goldmember: 200 runs

Directions to Run 831

Shaul HaMelech, parking lot next to London Minimarket

(corner of Ibn Gvirol & Shaul HaMelech)

Coming off Namir, turn West on Shaul HaMalech, drive past Arts Complex on Right, cross Dubnov Street, parking lot is directly after Dubnov, on the left.  If you hit Ibn Givrol, you need to put it in reverse and back up to the mini market.

AmbHo: 052-545-2319


Hare Roster

27-Feb Fart Smella

6-Mar BlingDong

13 Mar Quickie

20 Mar OnOne (TastyKakes), the Bachelorette Hash

27 Mar Windbreaker

3 Apr Deliverance

10 Apr Twin Peaks
17 Apr Captain Caveman
24 Apr ???
1 May  ???
8 May Pig Woman
15 May
22 May
29 May

Hash Scribe

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