11 February, 2010

Hash Trash Run 829, Directions to Run 830

Run 830 was full of Shig.  Rookie setter Just Paul led the pack through a bunch of fields, lots of dirt, lots of it.  This left many of us wishing we could bring other shoes to the hash without having to guzzle beer out of muddy sweaty socks...

Quickie and his dog, Sheikh were otherwise occupied hustling street (field) fights.  Round one: giant white dog.  Quickie seemed less concerned than the other dog owner, so we'll give that one to Sheikh.  Round two: three on one action.  Sheikh ate one of the dogs and sat on the other two - no contest when the opponents combined weight is about 10 pounds, most of it hair.  oh Quickie, in some places, dog fighting is illegal.

Meanwhile, the rest of the pack took a trip down memory lane with Semen.  We saw the house she grew up in, learned about her neighbors and took a scenic run past the place where Windbreaker kissed her for the first time, awwwwww.  While we were reminiscing no one really noticed that we ran out of hash markings.  Just Paul blamed the rain and led us back to the finish (which, at least, was the same place we started).

For a number of reasons, the pack decided that the best name to give Just Paul is Double Entry, and thus he shall be called forever more (MISNAMERS PAY ATTENTION!)

Down Downs

Hare - Just Paul, Longhorny
FRB - Pig Woman
DFL - Quickie
Late Comers - White Pointers, BlingDong
Misnaming - Fluffer, Pig Woman, Paul
Virgin - Amnon
Returnees - White Pointers, BlingDong
Michael Vickin' - Quickie
Naming - Just Paul became Double Entry

Directions to Run 830 - Saturday the 13th at 3:00pm

Saturday, Feb. 13th Hash will begin in Herzliya Pituach in front of the Holmes Place gym.

The St. Valentine's Pre-Lewd hash guarantees the following...

1) shiggy for all who wish to partake,

2) a live hare running for his life, and

3) an appropriately romantic surprise @ the ending.

Everyone should wear a "Heart On" for the run and prepare for change of clothes/shoes as warning stated for last Hash run in Herzliya.

Directions From Tel Aviv:

Take Highway 2 to the first Herzliya exit aka HaSira exit into the industrial section.Enter Herzliya Pituach  (Abba Evan St).  Make your first possible right onto Maskit Street.  Make a right onto Sapir St. and follow the road as it curves left.  Street parking is available there.  We will meet in the large plaza on your right. 

Any questions, call Deliverance at 054-300-5092 although Grave Robber is the Hare. 

Hare Roster - You KNOW you want to volunteer!

20-Feb AmboHo
Fart Smella
6-Mar BlingDong
13 Mar Quickie
20 Mar OnOne (TastyKakes), the Bachelorette Hash
27 Mar Windbreaker
3 Apr Deliverance
10 Apr Twin Peaks
17 Apr Captain Caveman
24 Apr ???
1 May  ???
8 May Pig Woman
15 May
22 May
29 May

Hash Scribe

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