14 January, 2010

Hash Trash Run 825, Directions to Run 826

Run 825 - the F#ck off hash


 It was the last run for Border Bitch, Desperate Housewife, and Hash Hound Riley.  To pay their respects, Riley ran (yes ran) the entire hash.  Amidst urbanization, the pack found shiggy, ziggy and zaggy around bushes, under billboards, hopping on and off the sidewalks.  We discovered what the pack was made of when the group went off trail and only 4 people mustered the integrity to go back and make up the lost ground.  Shortcutters, you know who you are.


It was a half of memories, the hares proffered up some of the foulest licorish tasting ouzo the scribe has ever had the pleasure of tasting.   We sang something forgettable, so then it just felt right to do one last round of Father Abraham.  Now that Border Bitch is gone we can skip all the verses we want next time!! 


The hashers were eager to get back to the On On, and who needs hash marks when the hare will just tell you where to go!  But even with that kind of laxity there is no reason to skip a hold (we like holds).  Goldmember got prematurely excited and ran to the finish, blissfully ignoring the 15 people behind her screaming "ON BACK."


Down Downs

Hares: Floater & Fluffer

FRB: Fartsmella

DFL: Boston Creamed

Misnaming: Floater, Crocsucker, Pig Woman, OnOne (TastyKakes)

Premature Ejaculation: Goldmember

Returnees: Pig Woman, Porn Queen, In & Out, Windbreaker, Paul, Foreplay, Deliverance

Virgins: Levi, Brooke, Matthew, Agnes

Ball & Chain: Quickie

New Shoes: Porn Queen, Pig Woman

Hash Kit: Desperate Housewife

Hang up the Phone! Goldmember


Directions to Run 826  - 1500 on Saturday, January 16


The hash will be at Kefar Saba East junction, At the corner of Tchernichovski and Menachem Begin.
      From Herzlia cross route 2 toward Raanana, at Jerusalem st turn left, after three traffic lights turn right at Weizmann st. cross route 4. After second traffic lights turn right to the supermarket car park.
      From Tel Aviv, east on route 5 till exit to Raanana Kefar SAba, left under the flyover to route 4, turn right at exit Kafar Saba (hospital), go east all the way till major cross road of Tchernichovski and Bagin, I think about 7 traffic lights.  Turn right and immediately right again to the parking lot.

Lost?  So are we.  Call Goldmember   0522671796


Quiz Night Friday, Jan. 22
Start Time:  8:00 sharp
Host:  Dave and Linda Motley
25 Shalva Street, Herzliya Pituach

Directions from Tel Aviv:  Take the coastal road (highway 2) to the Herzliya/Kfar Shmaryahu exit.  Make left at the light and turn onto Keren HaYessod.  At the roundabout make a 180 degree turn and come back down Keren HaYessod.  Make a right onto Shalva Street.  the Motley's home will be on your left.  Street parking.

Be sure and bring drinks and snacks to share.

Please RSVP to Deliverance at techelt@yahoo.com.


Hare Roster - Sign up to set! The schedule is open through June!


16-Jan Goldmember
23-Jan Fart Smella
30-Jan Porn Queen

13-Feb GraveRobber
20-Feb AmboHo
27-Feb Semen
6-Mar BlingDong
13 Mar Quickie
20 Mar OnOne (TastyKakes), the Bachelorette Hash
27 Mar
3 Apr Deliverance
10 Apr Twin Peaks
Hash Scribe

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