28 January, 2010

Hash Trash Run 827, Directions to Runs 828

Run 827 -

It was marshy,
it was shiggy,
we got our feet wet (but not as wet as the beery shoes we would have had, if we had worn hiking boots as suggested!). 

In fact, if you like scrambling down poorly marked paths, knocking grass and trees out of the way, nimbly leaping from vaguely dry mud patch to really squishy mud patch - this was the hash for you.  The hash dogs had the most fun, Quickie at one point was seen being dragged by his dog through a mud patch on his rear end.  The hash scribe's own posterior bore the signs of a dog dragging incident. 

The second half was a bit duller, not that the Ranana mall isn't lovely...   Now, during the circle, the hashers noticed Quickie's dog making a giant pile of Sh-t next to the circle.  we all saw it, we smelled it, we admired it.  Paul however, missed the memo and found that his path to the finish went right through the brown mountain.  Nothing a beer can't fix though.

What's that lovely tinkly sound in the distance?  it's the new hash FRB bell!!!! Look for it around Fluffer's neck at the next hash.

Down Downs!

Hares - Semen, Windbreaker
FRB - Fluffer
Virgin - Tight Fit
Misnaming - OnOne (TastyKakes) (and some other people whose names I don't remember)
Returnees - Deliverance, Boston Creamed, Captain Caveman
Where's your kit? - Windbreaker
Give a Sh!t - Quickie, Foreplay
Sh!t Happens - Paul
Go Ride a bike! (and swim, and run) - Deliverance, Windbreaker

Directions to Run 828

Meet on the sea side of Opera Tower, the building is on Allenby and HaYarkon.  For the circle and for some parking selections, click here

Hare Roster - The Roster is open until June!  Please sign up for a slot, or I will draft you!

13-Feb GraveRobber
20-Feb AmboHo
Fart Smella
6-Mar BlingDong
13 Mar Quickie
20 Mar OnOne (TastyKakes), the Bachelorette Hash
27 Mar -???
3 Apr Deliverance
10 Apr Twin Peaks
17 Apr Captain Caveman
Hash Scribe

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