11 March, 2010

Hash Trash Run 833, Directions to Run 834

Hashterpiece Theatre

Act One: Racists in the front, whiners in the back.  You know which group you fell into.  The Racists bounced from trail to trail with nary a thought for those hobbling wounded-ly at the rear.  Itch My Rail had Fluffer and Longhorny whipped into a fever of competitive heat, is this a hash or a warped human version of pinball?

Act Two:
The hashers hadn't seen Itch My Rail Fluffer and Longhorny in a long long time, the back of the pack stopped caring.  Since there weren't markings (BlingDong came up with the concept of Verbal Hash Marks.    It's not clear if those are legal, however, several of the hashers were in too much pain from the night before to complain.  No one was very clear how the Racists found the trail unaided, but Ultimately, everyone made it back to the starting line.

Act Three:
After the Down Downs, Twin Peaks, Deliverance, and Caveman treated us to a rendition (sped up) of the 30 K they ran the day before.  To make a long story short, Caveman ended up taking his pants off and telling Twin Peaks, in not so many words, his penis hurt.  The reenactment also included heroic efforts to lift Caveman up off the ground.

Happy birthday White Pointers, we're always ready to celebrate another year, if there is cake along the way.

Down Downs

Hares: RamalamaBlingDong, White Pointers, Squeegee
FRB: Itch My Rail
DFL: Deliverance
Returnees: Semen, Deliverance, LongHorny, Just Gene
Teams: Just Gene
Horny: OnOne (TastyKakes)
25 Runs: White Pointers
Racists: Itch My Rail, Fluffer
Weak Caller: Squeegee
Directions to Run 834 - 3:00pm on Saturday

From Tel Aviv or north:
leave highway no. 2 at Kfar Shmaryahu exit, go east on Ha-Ma'apilim, turn left at 2nd traffic light onto Ha-Zorea, next right, next left onto Ha-Sadot, turn right onto Ha-Rakafot, next left, next right onto Regavim, on your right you will see the parking area.

Lost? Call  Quickie 054 4531333

Hare Roster

20 Mar OnOne (TastyKakes), the Bachelorette Hash

27 Mar Windbreaker

3 Apr Deliverance

10 Apr Twin Peaks
17 Apr Captain Caveman
24 Apr ???
1 May  ???
8 May Pig Woman
15 May
29 May

Hash Scribe

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