23 August, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 643

HASH TRASH - Run 643
8 minutes from Kfar Sava, 2 from Kalkilya, 39 degrees in the shade and miles away from sanity

So there we were, on what was at that point the hottest day of the year, trying to follow some lame-o directions* to somewhere eight minutes from Kfar Sava, as the real estate brochures put it. The cell phone companies made a hefty profit on Diabolo's conversations with Dr. Doolittle, but eventually all assembled at the entrance to Kochav Yair (2nd traffic circle, not the first!) and on-on we went.

Our ranks were reinforced by the return of RA Dead Boring -- and not a moment too soon, as Deliverance and Dr. Dr. were weary of dispensing religious advice to an unruly flock -- plus Lager Lout and Pussycat; Fer Fox Sake, on cease-fire furlough; Floppy Disc, on a "Hello, I must be going" mission; pop-ins by Captain Caveman and In & Out; and Goldmember -- back after some weeks away (something having to do with a circumcision**).

Kochav Yair is very hilly, we soon discovered, but very nicely laid out with lots of gardens, parks and paths -- should anyone wish to take up residence and start raising children. They seem to favor the small yapping breeds of dogs. There was not much opportunity to short-cut, and it was very, very, very hot. So hot that even cold beer was consumed without complaint. Almost.

Let it be known that Floppy Disc will receive his 70 run pewter mug via the Cyprus Postal Authority. Also let it be know that Katherine is on the mend. She sends her very best from behind clenched teeth and plans to rejoin us as soon as the doctors remove the wire from her jaws.

*Humble Scribe will neither take responsibility for the information supplied by Hares, nor can she be sure that Hares are sober when providing directions, but is always happy to provide links to useless maps (in Hebrew) when available.
**Her nephew, not her, sillies.

RA - Dead Boring (back and in fine form)
FRB - Dead Boring (ditto)
Understanding the Dutchman - Diabolo, Dr. Doolittle
Directionally Challenged or Challenging Directions - Goldmember
Fashion Victim/New Shoes - Floppy Disc (beer drunk through sandals with gritty bits)
Returnees - Dead Boring, Fer Fox Sake, Floppy Disc, Goldmember, Lager Lout, Pussycat

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Directions to Run 644
Time: 16:00 pm
Place: This weeks Hash will be in Kfar Shmaryahu.
(It was going to be further afield - I spent hours driving around looking for a new site - but gave up)
Coming from whichever direction you live.......
Turn into Hazorea St (American School road) and go right to the end. I mean right to the end! Past the school, past all the posh houses, past the road to Rishpon, just past the Israeli school. You'll see a dead-end road - called HaTapuzim I believe.
Your Hares will be waiting somewhere in the shade.
For the mentally challenged or lost souls call Lager Lout

A map of Kfar Shmaryahu:

A map from a country that's got its priorities straight:

Hares! Put your bunnies in a trance!

Stick Figures doing something naughty

-- Boston Creamed


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