31 July, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 635

HASH TRASH - Run 635

The Mad Doctor's Revenge

It was very, very hot, even in the shade of the eucalyptus (gum trees, Aussies) where all assembled to begin the run. And run we did -- pinch-hitting hare Dr. Doolittle and his lovely assistant (!) having set a trail through the most fragrant fields Ra'anana could offer... and not in a good way. It was hard to tell at some points whether the putrid odor wafting aloft was something dead, partially dead, or alive but in exceedingly bad shape. The walkers never showed up at the halfway point and, so it would seem to your humble scribe, they still owe the group a rousing chorus of "Father Abraham".

Having escaped the filth and stench of nature, the runners now continued on on through the clean, pleasant paved streets of surburbia where it was very hot, if I haven't mentioned this before and, at one point, Treasure was menaced by a very fierce dog (or large barking mouse). Thankfully, Fabiola and Deliverance came to her rescue. Deliverance would have been commended for that act of bravery but points had to be taken off because she rolled her car into the bumper of Sanitary's parked SUV before the run. That's right. The shiny one. A Ford, by the way, in case anyone could possibly be wondering.

At the circle, the runners finally met up with the walkers who may or may not have had cappucino on their breath.

Hares: Dr. Doolittle, Boston Creamed
FRB: Deliverance
DFL: Katherine
Lost Walkers on Marked Trail: Dandruff, Pat
Virgin: Katherine
Shortcutter: Pusher, Dr. Doolittle (Hare but he drank his beer nonetheless)
No Bell: Neverfucker, Dr. Doolittle (ditto)
Close Encounters of the Dog Kind: Treasure, Fabiola
Ford Abuse: Deliverance (Dare ya to do that twice)

Date: Saturday, July 1
Start time: 4:00pm

These directions are for people coming from the south, east and west. As far as I know nobody is coming from the north anymore and not many from the east!! This will be a nice short run for all the English footie fans who want to see England play at 6pm. No excuse not to come (or attend) as the case may be!!

Get yourselves on to the # 2 highway and turn right at the Rishpon exit (next one after Kfar Shmaryahu). Continue on this road through an intersection where there is a flower shop on the corner, and continue straight ahead (through dogs leg). Turn left at the second roundabout (circle) into HaShaked Street. Follow along this road for approximately 1km. Your hares will be waiting in a lush grove off to the right, surrounded by exotic fruits, nymphs and waterfalls.

Any problems finding us ring Dandruff

-- Boston Creamed


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