31 July, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 633

Greetings to all !

Please forgive the delay in sending out this week's missive. My Hash Trash predecessor, together with last week's Hare, are about to leave the country, get married and set up somewhere under the rainbow, so I didn't get the password to this address till late. Enclosed is a brief summary of last week's run. Don't have any of the down-downs but I do recall that FRB Stroker had to drink out of a plunger with a toilet seat draped around her neck.Yummy.

RUN 633
We met at Nof Yam park. Jack Off was the hare. We ran through the old IAI munitions plant site. At a certain point we got sidetracked hunting for ancient Phoenician glass. Eventually someone remembered to call out "On on" and off we went -- down a cliff, under a bombed out bridge and out towards the beach. There was a lot of plastic refuse (this is a very polite way of describing it) washed up along the shore and no naked people on the nude beach. The walkers gave up waiting for the runners at the half-way point, and were wending their way back when all met up and sang a song about being on the seashore. On on, up and down the hill, through a eucalyptus grove and back to the starting point, just in time to see the Israeli Scouts setting fire to things. After the Down Downs, we retired to Dandruff and Pusher's house for the committee changeover meeting and barbecue.

RUN 634
4:00pm June 17, 2006.

From Herzliya Pituach get on to Keren Hayesod. Cross Hwy 2 headed east to Kfar Shemaryahu. Continue on over railway and just past the airport (on your left) turn left into Kanfe Nesharim. Follow this through the bends to the T.
Your hares will be waiting in the park across the road.
From Tel Aviv get on to Hwy 2 headed north and turn right at the exit to Kfar Shemaryahu then continue as above.
For anyone coming from the east get on to Menahem Begin headed toward the sea. Just before the airport turn right into Kanfe Nesharim etc.

Lost? Call Pusher

Map of questionable usefulness (in Hebrew)

-- Boston Creamed

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